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What muscle do you stretch when you do the butterfly stretch?

Your groin is being stretched.

What is the transfer of heat when to objects are not touching?

convection and radiation heat transfer bot occur without either object being in direct contact with each other.

What are some great pickup lines to pickup girls?

Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?

How much will a static rope stretch?

A static rope, by definition, will not stretch. It may lengthen if being everloaded, but under normal conditions there is no stretch.

Is it normal for a girl to have stretchmarks?

Well yes. Either from pregnancy or simply being "large" if the skin is pulling and your scratching or something of the like, stretch marks appear!

Does being pregnant actually stretch your belly button piercing?

It may not stretch the hole, but it often does cause stretch marks from the scar if it is already closed.

What model of transfer case came in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

It will be either a NP 231 or NP 242. The 242 being the "Full Time" and the 231 being the "Part Time" 4x4 transfer case. There is a tag on the side of the case that is a small circle with the type and gear ratio on it.

What is the song pickup truck about?

The song Pickup Truck by Jerry Jeff Walker is about someone who hates being emotional and getting physical.

Why is a telecaster twangy?

In my opinion, it is because of the bridge pickup being mounted directly to the tele-style bridge. The bridge pickup being a single coil and a maple neck and fingerboard (although some do have other materials) also contribute to maximum twang. To me. the neck pickup doesn't have the same twang and is very similar to some strats neck pickup tones.

How do you Identify small block Chevrolet engines year and horsepowerwith the engine code number being VO312TKF?

It's either a 75 350 2 barrel with 145 hp for a 1/2 ton pickup, or a 78 350 4 barrel with 165 hp for a 1/2 ton pickup.

Can you transfer disability claims to another state?

Under most circumstances, you are able to transfer Disability claims to different states once you are already on Disability claim. Especially if the purpose of the move is to facilitate the situation, either in terms of finances or care being provided.

The ability of a muscle tissue to stretch without being damaged is called?


Do waves transfer energy?

Yes, waves can and do transfer energy. When the particles vibrate, this means energy is then being transferred. However, they do not transfer matter.

This is a path for the transfer of matter and energy through an ecosystem by eating and being eaten?

Biochemical cycles are the main means of energy transfer through an ecosystem. The transfer of energy by eating and being eaten is called the food chain.

Can an AS degree transfer to a BS program?

Yes it can. How many credits will transfer depends on the major being sought.

Why do you have stretch marks?

stretch mark is due to unwanted skin growth during pregnancy or muscles building. When pregnancy gets over and muscle reduces its shape skin gets white or brown lines of stretch. You should avoid this stretch mark by applying Mederma cream or olive oil regularly.Purchase Mederma online

Does going for runs help get rid of stretch marks on the hips?

no being fat get rid of them

Does Home Depot transfer workers?

yeah usually after 6 months of being employed they can see if you are eliglible of transfer

What is the correct form of noun of stretch?

The word 'stretch' is the correct form of the noun. The word 'stretch' is a noun (stretch, stretches), a verb (stretch, stretches, stretching, stretched), and an adjective (stretch). The noun 'stretch' is a common, concrete noun; a countable noun as a word for exercises used to limber the muscles; an uncountable noun as a word for the ability of a fabric or material to extend when pulled with some force. (2) A good way of checking if a word operates as a noun is to see if you can put a determiner ('a' or 'the' for example) in front of it in a sentence. In these sentences: "It was quite a stretch for us, but we made it"; "The stretch of road between the mall and the beach front was wet and slippery"; "The judge sentenced the prisoner to a stretch behind bars", 'stretch' operates as a noun. Note that putting a modifier between the determiner and the noun doesn't stop it being a noun:"It was a big stretch but we made it"; "The broken stretch of road leading to the beach front is dangerous"; "The judge gave the drunk driver a two year stretch"; "Yusain Bolt broke his leg in the home stretch". 'I always stretch after exercise"; "My jeans won't stretch"; "They stretch their resources to breaking point to stay on budget": here 'stretch' is working as a verb. And in "She was wearing stretch jeans and a cut-off T-shirt when she pulled up at the Prom in a stretch limo." as an adjective.

When do start to see stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be from being pregnant, gainging weight, building muscle too fast or can be normal in teenagers during puberty. In all of these conditions, the stretch marks start when the skin begins to stretch more than it can withstand. For some that may never happen. For others, it can occur very early.

Can female dogs get stretch marks after pregnancy or being overweight?

yes, my dog is 7wks pregnant and has started to get a few stretch marks around her teats as they are alot bigger than usual.

When performing a passive stretch where should the client feel the stretch?

In the muscle that is being streached...point to it then have the client take a deep breath and tell them they should feel the streach here ( point to the location of the muscle being streached.) Hold it for no more the 20 sec.

What do transfer RNA molecules transfer?

Transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules transfer amino acids. They are used to carry the matching amino acid to the ribosome during translation (when polypeptide/protein chains are being created).

What method of heat transfer was the pasta being cooked?


Why does your GMC sierra 1500 pickup ping?

Ping is caused by the timing being too far advanced either becasue it is set to far advanced or the advance system is malfunctioning. Prior to 1996 you can adjust the timing manually but after '96 the computer does it all.

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