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If the front bearings on a 2000 S10 2WD are made out of some material like Teflon are they stock from the factory?


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2008-10-12 22:17:55
2008-10-12 22:17:55

Yes, they are stock or OEM replacements because the 91 s-10s came with teflon cams and berrings. I own 2 91 s-10 2wd pickups


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i am pretty sure the front bearings are part of the entire hub assembly. replacing the bearings requires replacing the enitre front hub. at least that's how it was on my 97 dualie.

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No, bad front wheel bearings would not prevent a transmission from shifting. If your car has bad front wheel bearings you will notice wheel noise or wheel looseness.

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Yes it does. It has inner and outer bearings.

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The front wheel bearings are a sealed unit so repacking is not possible nor necessary.

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