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Replacing the wood frame would be a better, longer term fix. The screen door will also last better with the proper fix.

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What is maxmin minmax criteria in game theory?

This is when you choose the worst of all possible outcomes for each strategy. And then you choose again from the worst ones , but now you choose the less worst outcome. ==> Pick this strategy ! Greetings.

How long to heat up a 330 gallon Jacuzzi initially?

My jacuzzi is about the same size and takes about 1.5 hours to rise from 60 dregrees to 98 degrees. My heater is a Purex Triton Minmax 250. I don't know if this is typical.

I have a Purex Triton MinMax 400 heater. But I don't know how to set the temperature because we don't have a manual. Do you know where can I get a copy of the manual or how to set the temperature of?

Someone has a link to the manual posted already at That is how I got a copy!

Strain in a sentence?

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where do I find the rebate form for mitered brickmould?

Wher do I find the form for mitered brickmold ?

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Snapped means broken cleanly.

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The root word for Detached is Tached because tached is to attach to something and Detached is to detach it from something.

What is the antonym of adjacent-ensuing-contiguous-bordering-adjoining-beside-detached?


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There is one syllable in the word 'snapped'.

How many syllables are in the word snapped?

The word snapped has one syllable.

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it matters what position your in but everyone goes into play when the ball is snapped?

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Semi - Detached Detached Terraced Flat Caravan

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This is site to inform people who are at high risk of detached retina.The fan shroud was detached for better access to the fan.

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A semi detached house has one side of the house that will be attached to another house. A detached house has no shared walls. Most semi detached houses have the garage wall as the shared wall so there is less noise heard from either house.

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64% have attached; 36% have detached

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I do not know what sentence I can use for detached I detached my friends eyes from her phone when I pointed out how much money she owed for going over the phone bill

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