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Here is a link of 2 pictures I took the 1st is taken from the side of my Dash showing fuses off my 94 GMC Sonoma SLS with Electronic 4WD. The second picture is from the label on the FUSE Box Cover you are missing, I took this one out of my 94 GMC Manual, this should be the same as yours. In case you can't see the picture real clear here is the layout starting with the top 6 slots across as there are a total of 24 Fuse placeholders. FIRST ROW 1. 20A Stop Hazard 2. 20A Horn DM (dome) 3. 20A T/L CTSY (Tail light/ Courtesy) 4. 20A Gauges 5. EMPTY NOT USED 6. 25A HTR A/C SECOND ROW 7. 25A PWR AUX 8.EMPTY NOT USED 9. 15A ECM BATT 10. 10A ECM IGN 11. 20A RADIO 12. EMPTY NOT USED THIRD ROW 13. 15A RDO BATT 14. 5A ILLUM 15. 10A DRL 16. TURN B/U 17. 25A WIPER 18. 15A BRAKE BOTTOM ROW 19. 20A 4WD 20. EMPTY NOT USED 21. 20A FOG 22.EMPTY NOT USED 23. EMPTY NOT USED 24.EMPTY NOT USED TWO ON SIDE TOP A is 20A PWR ACCY and Bottom B is a 30A PWR WDO(power windows)

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Q: If the fuse box cover is missing on a 1994 GMC Sonoma how do you know what each fuse is to and what size fuses to use?
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