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If the fuses and bulbs are good what could be wrong if the brake lights do not work but the turn signals and tail lights are OK?


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2015-07-16 18:07:31
2015-07-16 18:07:31
the brake light switch on the brake peda is by far the most likely cause ---but it would be nice to know which vehicle your talking aboutA Bad or Broken Brake light switch would be my first guess. Most brake light switches are mounted under the dash to the brake pedal however some cars have another switch there also to prevent you from starting the car until the brake pedal is pressed don't confuse the two. EzForJesus

check the break lignt senser located next to your break pedal

On my 97 Chevy Blazer, the taillights work, hazards work, turn signals worked, but my two main brake lights didn't, the high mounted center l.e.d. brake light up top worked and my trailer hitch brake light worked but the other 2 didn't. My emergency hazard switch broke off, in it, Chevy has that multifunction switch that controls the brake lights, wipers, turn signals, all of that... there is a connector on that hazard light switch that when pushed or put in it's original place, makes contact on 2 of the lines inside it, i jimmy rigged mine with a screw to hold it in the place it was suppose to be at.... I need to replace that whole switch, it's called the cruise control assembly at autozone, but two hundred dollars is the price and I'm not paying it...

Try the "WD40" trick on the Hazard Switch. Use a can with the red straw nozzle and just shoot a little into the area around your hazard switch, then move it up and down, on/off--just generally wiggle it a little bit. On many vehicles (especially FORDS, but others as well) this will allow the switch to fully disengage and return brake lights and turn signals to functionality.


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