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In NC a pregnant 15-year-old can ask for court approval to marry. A judge may approve the marriage if they find that 'the underage party is capable of assuming the responsibilities of marriage and the marriage will serve the best interest of the underage party'. However, be aware that there is a presumption that 'the marriage will not serve the best interest of the underage party when all living parents of the underage party oppose the marriage. The fact that the female is pregnant, or has given birth to a child, alone does not establish that the best interest of the underage party will be served by the marriage'. So if Mom and Dad oppose the marriage...

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Q: If the girl is 15 but has a baby is it legal for her to get married in the state of North Carolina?
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No, you do not have to get divorced in the same state that you were married in.

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If you were married in Honduras but have been residents of North Carolina for over 10 years can you be divorced under North Carolina law?

If you are a citizen of the state of North Carolina.

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No. My husband owned a house in North Carolina before we got married, he refinanced it after we got married the deed is in my name but the loan is not. Do I still have a legal right to the house when we divorce? Once the property is deeded in your name it is considered a gift to the marriage and you now have legal rights.

Can you move out at age sixteen in the state of North Carolina?

The state's age of legal majority is 18.

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The state's legal age of majority is 18.

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If you are legally married - you STILL are legally married. It makes no difference where he has gone to. Contact an attorney for legal assistance. I'm certain that there are advocacy groups that will give you assistance - you will need to check locally for them.

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