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Quite often, a piece of gum tissue overlies the wisdom tooth which is partially through. Keep the area as clean as possible, otherwise attend your dental checkups as recommended so your dentist can keep it under observation. If the loose gum is causing you pain or severe irritation, then the wisdom tooth may need to come out, but it sounds unlikely from what you describe. There is no need to have wisdom teeth removed, unless they are causing problems such as pain, swelling, infection, decay in the tooth in front etc. Very often, the risks of wisdom tooth removal outweigh the benefits. Sometimes a wisdom tooth does not erupt completely, and creates an extension of gum called operculum. While eating and chewing on food, this operculum can be irritated and infected causing a pericoronitis. This condition has signs of intense pain, redness, a bad smell and a difficulty of opening the mouth. If the operculum does not go away, it is advised to extract the wisdom tooth to prevent complications of the pericoronitis. Under certain conditions, if the wisdom tooth has erupted, but an operculum is still present, it is possible to make an operculectomy, which is the removal of the extension of the gum itself without extracting the tooth.

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Q: If the gum around one a wisdom tooth is a little loose but the wisdom teeth otherwise seem perfectly fine what should be done about it?
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