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Motors do go bad. Directly wiring the fan to a 12 volt power source will tell you if the motor is toast. If it won't work when directly wired to a power source, look for another motor.

2006-07-02 08:53:02
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Heater blower motor only operates on high speed settings no fuses in fuse panel relays in fuse panel and which one controls the speeds you need a wiring diagram advise this is for a 2001 prizm?

Fuses and relays are not your problem. The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing.Fuses and relays are not your problem. The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing.

My dodge heater blower control only works on low what might be the problem?

Dodges are good for blowing fuses. If that is not it, the fan switch might need replaced.

Why is my blower motor rear defroster and AC controls not working all of a sudden Not even the LED lights light up on a 1998 Cavalier Help The blower motor was starting to fail as I had to tap it .?

Ok..I figured it out. Turns out the rear defroster is the problem. When I unplugged it from the back windshield, blower/heater works great!! all those out there..if your blower motor blows fuses...check the blower motor first...then the HVAC and heater fuses, then rear defroster if you have a cavalier!

Why don't your heater work?

There might be a bad fuse causing the heater to not work. Check the fuses if they are all ok you may have a bad blower motor. when you turn the heater on and no air is blowing then it is your blower motor.

1990 ford thunder-bird heater and ac quit working and the fuses are fine?

check the relays.If it doesnt blow air at all then check the blower relay or fuse

Why isn't my 1999 Jeep Cherokee heater working?

If the heater does not work, check: -heater fuses and/or any heater relays -heater control head -heater blower motor resistor

Why would the heater stop working in my 2001 jeep grand Cherokee?

blower motor bad or no power to it chech fuses blower switch blower motor

Why semi truck ac and heater stop blowing?

The problem exists somewhere in the circuit for the HVAC blower. Check fuses and relays. If they check out, check for power and ground at the weatherpack terminal which connects to the HVAC blower. If that checks out, then your blower motor is probably bad.

Where is the 1997 Escort blower fuse?

it in the fuse box in the drivers foot well on when you see two rows of fuses it is on the bottum row i think it is number 26 for the heater blower it in the fuse box in the drivers foot well on when you see two rows of fuses it is on the bottum row i think it is number 26 for the heater blower

Why does your heater not blow air at all?

First check the fuses (all of them). Next, try turning the fan to high (with the engine running) and gently tapping the heater blower with a hammer. It it blows, you need a new blower motor. Next connect a 12V test light to the two wires at the blower motor. If it lights up, the blower motor is bad. Otherwise you have en electrical problem.

Why does the heater on a 1998 Pontiac grand prix only work on high?

The blower motor resistor circuit board has gone bad. Replace the blower motor resistor. I did Still dont work Try the fuses...Had the same problem and it was a blown fuse.

Why does your heater and air keep blowing fuses cannot run it without blowing fuses?

There is an electrical short to ground in the fan switch or in the blower motor itself.

Is the heater in a 2007 ford focus controlled by fuses?

The heater blower motor is #19 in the power distribution box under the hood, which also houses your relays.

99 Taurus ac heater blower motor just stopped Fuses are good. Is it likely the Switch or blower motor?

Check to see if you are getting power and ground to the blower motor - if so blower motor is bad. If no power possibly fan switch or selector switch Also check the blower motor resistor, found in heater plenum.

Your heater panel on your 1997 cadillac catera has lights but you cannot get the unit to turn on where can you find the fuses to change?

All fuses are located on the drivers side under the panel. If you cannot get your heater blower to come on, it could be the relay located on the blower motor on the passenger side under the dash. It's a little difficult to get to. Len

What would cause radio and heater not to work on 2003 caravan?

Those are two seperate circuits. Start with checking the fuses. There is a fuse for the radio and a fuse for the heater blower motor.

Lost power to dash gauges and heater blower on 1996 ford countor?

Check fuses Could be a defective ignition switch

Where are fuses 75 and 76 on a 1999 BMW 528 The entire heating and AC unit is not working. All fuses are intact.?

where is heater blower relay for 1989 BMW 535I

1994 Honda civic blower motor does not work?

if it doesnt work on 1 and 2 it could be a blower motor resistor but if it doesnt work at all check the fuses, relay and check voltage if it reads 12 v replace the motor

To find the heater blower motor relay switch on a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero?

heater blowe motor relay is under the hood,behind the battery there is a box that has a round knob u unscrew and on the back side it tells wich ones are wich. there are also fuses for the blower motor.that is the problem i am having. everytime turn heater fan inside car on it blows afuse.not sure why.has new resistor.

What is the problem when there is no air blowing from the AC heater and vents when the blower motor fuses and relay are good on a 1992 olds?

Perhaps a bad fan motor? Perhaps a bad fan resistor? Perhaps a plugged evaporator coil?

How do you fix heaterair conditioner blower fan for a 1992 Mitsubishi Galant with no power to the blower or heater relay?

check fuses,see if ones blown check power at blower, don't forget the fan switch ,there famous for going out.

What fuse controls a heater on 98 explorer 4.0 v6 sohc?

The heat is provided by radiator coolant circulating through the heater core. This is a mechanical process and no fuses are involved. There are fuses for the control panel and the blower motor and the system will appear "dead" if the fuses are blown. If the problem is lack of heat or control over the temperature of the system, the problem is most likely a mechanical failure of the blend door. This door regulates how much air is diverted through the heater core, and is a common failure on the Explorer. HeaterTreater has developed an inexpensive fix for the problem. Follow my user name to my bio page where you can get pointers to the fix and technical information on how to diagnose the problem and repair it. ford4me

Why would the fuses for the heater keep blowing in a 1985 Blazer?

Beause there is probably a short/bad connection in the switch, or the blower motor itself

Why would headlights windshield wipers and heater blower motor suddenly stop working in 2000 Ford Focus SE?

Check your fuses.