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Check for Proper Grounding at the Dashboard grounding Terminal. It should be located along the firewall inside the passenger compartment.

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Q: If the heater fan will not come on and the radio will not turn on are they related?
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How come your heater does not come on when you use the remote start for a Ford Fusion?

You probably have to leave the heat on when you turn off the car, so when you turn it on again it comes right on. Kind of like the radio.

1991 dodge spirit the car will not turn over no radio wipers turn signals when the key is turned the heater blower works but the idiot lights do not come on either replaced the ignitionwhat now?

replace the ignition switch

What would cause the radio and heater blower motor to not turn on on a 2001 Buick Park Avenue?


Why wont your radio turn on in your 2006 impala?

your steering wheel radio controls are bad disconnect and your radio will come on.

How do you turn on radio in 2001 wagon Mercedes-Benz?

after a flat tire radio does not come on on the dash it says "AUDIO"

Why does white smoke come out of your vents when you turn on your heater in your car?

If it is smoke the heater fan motor has failedORElectronics in the heater have failed ORif it smells like anti freeze rather than smoke the heater core has failed.

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How do you turn off the automatic on of the steering wheel heater on a 2013 Dodge Ram SLT?

You need to deselect auto on comfort in the radio settings menu.

What would make a gas fume smell come in your Jeep after you turn the heater on?

Gas leak. Have this fixed ASAP!

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2000 mitsubish galant radio and CD player sound will intermittenly turn itself off and will turn the sound back on when it feel's like it. could this be the speakers a loose wire or the radio?

i have a 2001 mitsubish my radio want come on either

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