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I am experiencing the same problem with my 1997 f-150, and have not found the answer. Lamps, fuses (inboard and out) good.

switches good - flash to pass no good high beam indicator no good autolamp function and all other lamps (low, parking, hazard and turn) good

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Is there a relay switch for headlights on a 95 Pathfinder LE have high beams but no low?

Get a new headlight switch even check your bulbs might help

Your outgoing email stopped how do you fix it?

If the outgoing email stopped, your Internet connection might not be working properly. Make sure it is working properly and try again.

Why would high beams not turn off on a Chevy Impala 2000?

dimmer switch wore out or you might just have running lights.

Headlights go out on Pontiac Sunfire 2000?

It might be the high/low beam switch. Had to replace one on my '96 when I had only low beams.

How do I know if my computer is working properly?

If you experiance no hassles turning on your computer and running simple applications, then it is working properly. If your computer tends to act buggy, it might be a good time to get it checked out.

What might be the problem if high beams do not work when switching from low to high low stay on this is a 98 ford contour?

Switch? Part of the multi-function switch perhaps? Do they not work at all? Because you might even need to get your lights adjusted. If they are too low to the ground, it might make the appearance that they aren't on.

How does a properly working plumbing system protect your family's health and safety?

A properly working plumbing system carries away feces and urine which might otherwise be a source of disease and would certainly be unpleasant if not removed. A properly working system also prevents sewer gas from entering the home.

How does working in a freezer affect a human?

Working in a freezer does indeed have effects on a human. A human might for example freeze to death if they do not dress properly.

Why Wireless network card do not appear on device manager?

There are a number of possible reasons. * It might not be installed properly. * It might be disabled in your BIOS. * It might be disabled by a switch or button on your computer.

1986 350 ford 6.9 desiel rear tank is not working?

Depending on if the switching unit is working on the frame rail on the driver's side just at the rear of the cab. It might not be switching to the rear if that switch is not working, also check the switch on the dash.

How do people become mute?

People are usually born mute. If not, some muscles in the larynx might not be working properly.

Your ac unit is not working on your 95 olds cutlass ciera s?

your switch that controls the compresser might be bad.

Characteristics of good acceptor circuit?

It needs to be in good working order. If there are any cracks or tears in it, then it might not work properly.

If there is power to the off switch for the heater is the switch gone?

If you are talking about a wall switch for the heater, check to see if the heater has its own internal thermostat or switch as this might be in the off position and not allow the heater to turn on. If you are talking about a switch on the heater itself, then yes in all probability the switch is not working.

What happen if lung tissue not working?

If lung tissue wasn't working properly, depending on the severity of the case, you could either have a really hard time breathing, or you might die.

What do I do if there is no sound coming from my speakers but it says a CD is playing in 2009 Hyundai Accent?

You might check the wiring of your speakers and check if they are working then check your CD player if its working properly.

2000 Honda civicshift stuck in park?

You might have a bad brake light switch. If you don't have brake lights the switch is bad. When your brake light switch isn't working it wont send a signal to the shift solenoid.

Why does the light switch sizzle when turned on?

It's not suppose to sizzle, you need a new light switch! It might start a fire!! When a switch makes a noise when turned on, this would indicate a quite worn switch or a switch that is not connected properly. The audible noise is made from electricity jumping over a small gap. This jumping does unfortunately create heat and might in worst case cause a fire. It might be easy enough as just tighten a few screws in order to correct this.

What does the outline of a car with a red headlight symbol mean on the dashboard of a 1998 BMW 318I?

You might have a headlight out. Check the high beams to make sure that they are working. (Those are the REALLY bright lights.)

Your brake lights wont turn off on your ford focus And i replaced the switch by the brake pedal and it still wont work?

The brake light switch might not be connected properly. Remove the brake light switch for 10 seconds and replace it to its original position.

My 1993 GMC Sierra running lights will work but the head lights won't - I have replaced the light switch in the dash and double checked and replaced the fuse any ideas what it might be?

The switch was stuck between high and low beams. Just flick the high/low beam switch once and the circut will be back to normal.

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