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Hey SC==You need to replace the lock cylinder not the switch. If it has air bags, there is a chance you can deploy it while working on it so you may want to leave it to a mechanic. You need to remove the air bag fuse first then take off the air bag then the lock plate and the turn signal switch. Then the key reminder contacts at the end of the lock cyl. There is a screw holding the lock cylinder in so removing it lets you pull it out of the steering column. You will need some special tools that can be rented at the parts store.GoodluckJoe.

You can buy a switch for about 15 dollars to replace it but you must remove the steering wheel and lock ring to do this and that takes a couple special tools to remove this.

This may be oversimplifying things, but before you go to the effort and expense of ripping your steering column apart, check to be sure that the key is not so worn out from use that it no longer works. Good Luck!

Check your Key , It may be worn out ,and will not engage the tumblers in the lock properly. Get a New Key cut and give that a Try First

Make sure you are using the correct key, on my GM truck both the door key and the ignition key fit in the ignition, only one works. If you have lock steering try turning the steering wheel to the right or to the left while trying to turn the key.

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Q: If the key will not turn in the ignition of your 1992 GMC Sierra 350cu how do you replace the switch?
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The gap for 350cu is .035 of an inch

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What transmission in 1988 gmc 3500 in 350cu engine?

Probably a Turbo Hydro 400 in 3500, but maybe a 350.

What car does lucky drive in the movie waist deep?

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There a bunch of likely causes but if there are no obvious leaks then I would suspect a stuck open egr valve or a worn out cam shaft.

What year did Chevrolet install the 350cu engine in a camaro?

They had them as a stock engine from 67-81. Then they started putting other engines in it like the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinders. But they started putting them back in at 87. It has been optional since.

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Will a 350cu in a 1979 Camaro slide into a 1978 trans am?

If you have the two cars....complete...sitting there, it will make the job a lot easier. I'm not one for putting a Chevy in a Pontiac....but that's a matter of choice and opinion. You'll need to change the frame mounts for the engine and the Pontiac transmission won't bolt up to the Chevy. You'll need the tranny from the Camaro too. In essence they are the same car. They use the same sub frame. As stated before, you'll have to do some parts swapping but if both are sitting there it should be fairly easy.

What do these numbers tell you about your Chevy 350 MH20353 and 10066036?

10066036 is the serial number for your Targetmaster/Goodwrench 350cu V8. The engine was produced in Mexico by GM to act as a budget replacement to rebuilding an engine which could often times exceed the cost of buying one of these. They came in many trims ranging from 165hp to 290hp and were fitted with 76cc cylinder heads which produced a compression ratio of around 8.5:1, but a few tests have shown actual output to be around 8:1. They are dependable replacement engines that will run for a while if maintained properly. If you are looking for more power out of it, a dual plane intake manifold, 4bbl carb, some long tube headers and a cam should net you some decent gains. If you have more money to spend however, replacing the cylinder heads with a set utilizing a smaller combustion chamber of around 62-64cc will increase your compression and therefor increase power.

What does a pretty much stock 1992 Chevy half ton two wheel drive run in the quarter?

many variables to consider, 5.0? 5.7? My 95 5.0 5speed 1500 2wd, goes 17.5 sec, 85 mphAnswerAs the answer above states, it would depend on what engine is in the truck. A lot would also depend on whether it's automatic or standard transmission and the skill level of the driver. With a 350cu engine and an automatic transmission, this truck would still be considered a turtle at the drag strip. It would probably turn high 20s in the quarter mile. Another problem would be traction. Trucks have very little weight distributed over the rear axle. Consequently, when taking off from a dead stop, most of the horsepower would be wasted in spinning wheels. This is JasonDMX2's Modification to this -Are you kidding me? High 20's? LOL! A 1500 Chevy with a 350 4 or 5 speed auto trans will run 15-17 in the quarter.

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The engine types may include 3.6L 217Cu. In. V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated, 4.0L 244Cu. In. V8 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated, 4.1L 250Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.2L 256Cu. In. l6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated, 4.2L 258Cu. In. l6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.3L 260Cu. In. V8 DIESEL OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.3L 260Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.5L 273Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.6L 281Cu. In. V8 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated, 4.8L 294Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 4.9L 300Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.0L 307Cu. In. V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 5.0L 307Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.3L 5328CC 325Cu. In. V8 ELECTRIC/GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.3L 5328CC 325Cu. In. V8 FLEX OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.3L 5328CC 325Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 350Cu. In. V8 DIESEL Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 350Cu. In. V8 DIESEL OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.7L 350Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 5.9L 360Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 6.0L 368Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 6.0L 5967CC 364Cu. In. V8 BI-FUEL OHV Naturally Aspirated, 6.0L 5967CC 364Cu. In. V8 CNG OHV Naturally Aspirated, 6.0L 5967CC 364Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 6.6L 403Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 7.0L 425Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated. This part fits vehicles made in the following years 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008.

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