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Yes - this term is called "Indemnity" As an pre-ex case you may want to consult a lawyer on this matter on a whole being that there are other parties involved vs. single vehicle accident

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Q: If the lifetime medical coverage on a preexisting back condition was terminated in an auto accident can you be compensated for the loss of coverage by filing a law suit against the at fault party?
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If you had a preexisting condition that my employer knew about and had an accident at work that aggravated that condition and now needs surgery will workman's comp cover it?

Probably so, provided you file in time, etc.

Is injury compensation available if you dont have a job?

You can get compensated for an injury if it is at fault from someone else (such as an auto accident) through a civil lawsuit proceeding. You do not need to have a job to get compensated for your injury.

in mississippi does one get compensated for partial loss of use of arm and hand if the distal phalanx of the thumb has been amputated?

If the accident happened at work, then yes, the victim could be compensated for that amputation.

After an auto accident can I get compensated for expenses from the party at fault if their insurance company does not cover all the expenses?


Is justin bieber's condition serious after his car accident?

he did have a car accident

What formula do insurance companies use to compensate accident victims?

Most states that I am aware of do not have a 'formula' to compensate accident victims, I belive that workers comp. etc, might, but all claims/injuries stand alone, and are investigated, evaluated on their own merit. You will be compensated the amount that is due to put you back in the place/condition you were prior to the accident, (subject of course, to exclusions/policy limits etc).

Does health insurance cover you in a DUI accident if its your fault?

It depends on what type of insurance policy you have. Some states have the "no-fault" insurance policies wherein the insured party may be compensated regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

What timescale does an employee have to report an accident at work?

Immediately. If you do not, they will think the employee is lying, and will be thouroughly investigated. Most likely, if you do not report it immediately, you will not be compensated.

How much should you get for a car accident?

It depends entirely on your insurance, the other driver's insurance, who's at fault and what injuries and damage were involved. Nobody should 'make' money due to an accident, but they should be put back in the shape they were before the accident or compensated for what can't be returned to the original status.

How much money can you get for an accident?

you get what you are put you and your vehicle in pre accident condition nothing more nothing less......

What is the code for a condition resulting from a auto accident?

E Code

You were in a car accident had insurance but the car was totaled and the car was not in your name Do you get compensated to get a new vehicle?

no you won`t get it. You require both car insurance and it must be registered on your name.

Can a person with preexisting illness get health insurance?

It will be tough but not impossible. One alternative to this is getting a work comp policy - this is only accident coverage but its better than no health insurance at all.

How did Stephen hawking's accident occur?

Stephen Hawking did not have an accident. When he was in college he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease which led to his current condition.

What if you are already injured and have a car accident is the insurance still liable?

Depends on your condition

What companies offer camera insurance?

SquareTrade and WorthAveGroup offer camera insurance. In the event that your camera is broken or lost in an accident, you can be compensated. This type of insurance is best for very expensive cameras.

What is All The Fuss With Sean Kingston?

He got in a Jet ski accident and was in critical condition when he was sent to the hospital, but he is in stable condition now

When in an accident and not at fault. Can the other party get away with not paying a claim saying it was caused by a medical condition?

NO, If they were at fault then they were at fault and are liable for the damages and injuries they caused. If a medical condition was a contributory cause of the accident, that has no effect on their legal liability.

what's the difference between an accident and a consequence?

An accident is something that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. A consequence is a result or effect of an action or condition. So an accident could have many consequences.

If someone has a car accident and does not have insurance how is the other motorist compensated for damages?

Your insurance policy most likely has a clause that protects you up to a certin amount if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver. You can also hire a lawer and sue the other driver for any damages (along with lawer and court fees).

Are you at fault for an accident caused by a medical condition?

Yes. If you were at fault then you are liable for the damages you incurred.

How do you use critical in a compound sentence?

He had survived the accident but he was still in a critical condition in hospital.

Can I get terminated from my job if I was in a car accident with the company?

no, its illegal as it is not your fault We do not have a great deal of information here, but all accidents are at least partially your fault. The company may terminate you if they determine it is your fault and driving is part of your job. Normally one accident will not cause termination unless it is gross negligence or you are a very new employee. If it is your third accident, then termination would be reasonable.

Is unlicensed driver in accident able to get insurance?

Driver's licensure is a condition of getting auto insurance.

How would you be compensated for a hit and run accident if you have full coverage on your vehicle?

your insurance company will pay for the repairs. You may even have a policy that waives the deductible. Be sure to know all your options before accepting a settlement.