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If the light for the emergency brake stays on after the brake is released in your 2001 Chrysler Sebring how do you fix it?


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2018-04-27 15:56:07

It's possible that you are low on brake oil! That is the easiest answer. Another possibility is that the e-brake cable might have developed slag and does not pull far enough to release the light. That might involve replacing the entire e-brake cable.

The other possibility is that you need to replace the pads and rotors, as this was the case in my Sebring.

Other possibilities are: The e-brake arm is not all the way in the downward position and not making contact with the switch. With the button in the end of the e-brake arm pushed in, press lightly down on the e-brake arm to ensure it is all the way down. Otherwise, maybe the switch under the console has become dislodged from its holder or is out of adjustment.


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