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momentum = mass * velocity

As the momentum changes with constant mass, the velocity cahnges.

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The momentum stays the same. The mass increases and the velocity decreases but the momentum stays the same, momentum is conserved.

The total amount of momentum stays the same. Momentum is neither lost nor gained.

The density of the object would change if the volume stays the same. This is because whenever you're finding the density , you must divide the mass by the volume. The increase of mass also affect its momentum, which is a measurement of how hard it is to stop an object Momentum = mv

Momentum = mass x velocity. Therefore, more mass will result in more momentum.

If mass doubles, momentum stays the same, but the velocity is half. momentum = mass * velocity mass1 * velocity1 = mass2 * velocity2

2 Forces are unbalanced when an object that is not moving starts moving or changes speed or direction. Balanced forces are the opposite they are where an object that is not moving stays still or an object that is moving stays at a constant pace.

what happens is the mass stays the same because of the law of conservation of mass

Beacuse p=mv, where p is momentum, m is mass and v is the velocity; as the velocity of the ball increases, so too does the momentum while the mass remains constant.

when it penetrates the object the bullet stays the same,

It stays exactly the same. The density of a compound never changes.

it stays an even force like an object in force stays in force unless affected by an outside force

As long as the object stays in the same circular path, the acceleration doesn't change. It has to change of the object shifts into a larger or smaller circular path. Just like any other occasion where there's a change of acceleration, it happens when the net force on the object changes.

it doesnt reflect but it stays on the object and only reflects enough so that the human eye can see it.

Nothing but if the pebble is raw it can have changes in size the longer it stays in a liquid.

-- the force with which the object attracts the Earth --also the force with which the Earth attracts the object, typically called the object's "weight" on the Earth, but also equal to the weight of the Earth on the object.

An object stays at rest unless a force acts on it.

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