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If the mother of your child will not let you see your son and wants you to sign over your rights do you still have to pay child support?


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You will still have to pay back if any owed. After you sign you won't have to pay anymore because all your legal rights to the child will be terminiated.

If Mom agrees to let you voluntarily terminate your parental rights, then, no, you won't have to pay child support going forward (but will still have to pay any arrearage unless Mom agrees to forgive it). But DO NOT do this if it not what you want to do. If you want to be a father, fight for it. Get court ordered visitation, then if Mom refuses to allow you to see your child, she can be held in contempt of court.


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Depends on your state. Most states will have the parent without the child still pay child support with parental rights

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No, when a mother or father relinquishes his parental rights he is no longer responsible for child support.

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You can sign your rights away but you will still have to pay child support if you are the father or mother of the child. There is no way to avoid paying child support.

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no the mother should have the legal obligation to take care of the child

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