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It depends on what state you are in. The state determines how child support is calculated. Now, if you each have 50% residential time with the child, then no support may be due, however, if the child lives primarily with one parent, then the parent that the child is not living with is required to pay child support. The child support amount is usually based on your combined income and is then calculated at a percentage of the total income, for example: If you make $1,000 per month, and the other parent makes $2,000 per month, then you would be responsible for 33% of the child support obligation and the other parent would be responsible for 67% of the child support obligation. If the child support obligation was $200/mo., then you would be responsible for $66/mo., and the other parent $144/mo., therefore, if the child lived primarily with you, the other parent would have to pay you $144/mo. Hope that makes sense for you. Check out your state laws on child support, you can usually find them on the web. Take care.

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Q: If the parents each have custody of one of their children is there still a matter of child support paid and if so to whom?
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How do grandparents get custody of grandchildren when both parents are unfit?

When both parents are deemed unfit by a court and social services, it is possible for grandparents to get custody of the children under a judge's order. The grandparents wishing to get custody of minor children should petition a court for a hearing on the matter.

If both parents have 5050 custody of children what happens if one parent becomes incarcerated does that parent lose their custody?

That's up to a judge, but why would it matter?

Is there a matter of child support between two parents with two children when each parent is the custodial parent of one child in Illinois or Indiana?

Child support is a primary issue of Family Court. I assume there are court orders in effect, to some degree, since you have already settled the physical custody situation. It would seem in your case that an equitable agreement of support would not be difficult to make. Although I really don't understand why this would be an issue. The state in which custody was granted, is the state that decides the monetary issues for child support.

How do you stop mother moving out of state with the kids?

If there is joint custody of your children then you have a say in where the mother moves too and it would be wise to see a lawyer to deal with this matter so that custodial rights will be fair for both parents and the children.

What is the difference of custody and guardingship?

I have a legal court order giving me custody of my grandaughter because the parents are unfit, what are my responiblities and do they have any say in the matter and no visitation was ever set/ not does the father pay child support, he refuses to work and doesnt get locked up . can you help me with some answers?

Can a 16 year old move out of parents house into grandparents without their parents consent?

If the matter was taken to a court, the parents would most likely win custody.

In California if father has primary physical custody and both parents have joint legal custody can the child choose which parent he wants to live with?

No, legally a minor has no choice in the matter.

If your stepdad kicks you out of the house do your parents legally have to support you until you're 18?

Yes. Parents are legally and financially responsible for the support of their minor child/children until said children reach the state's legal age of majority. This does not apply if the child leaves the state of residency without permission from the court in the form of emancipation decree or other change of custody order. The minor should contact the state's department of family services for assistance in this matter. Please be advised, if the minor is not residing with a relative or in a suitable environment with responsible adults, he or she may be taken into custody by authorities and placed in a group or foster home to await a judicial hearing. Parents are not automatically assumed to be guilty of neglect or non-support of their minor children. After the requied investigation,by the assigned state agency, the court will take whatever action it deems to be in the best interest of the minor in question.

Who gets the kids on Easter?

It doesn't matter. Either parent can get custody of the children wether it's Easter or not.

Is it child abandonment if mother moves to a different state and children are with their father?

If there is joint custody and the mother of the children has moved to a different state regarding better employment then no, it is not child abandonment even though she should have discussed this with you. If the mother left with a boyfriend and has partial custody of the children and has not discussed her plans to move with the father or court then yes, it could be construed as child abandonment. If you have complete custody then no, it is not child abandonment. Children should always come first no matter how much the two parents involved may dislike each other and to the children their parents are their mother and father and if possible it should remain this way and not go in a direction of not allowing the mother to see her children. If the mother is into drugs including alcohol; parties too much and doesn't take time out for quality time with the children then this is a different matter altogether.

Can your great aunt and uncle get custody of you?

can any uncle get custody of his nephew even if he has a felony Yes, if there's a reason your parents won't or can't keep you. It's a matter decided by the courts. Perhaps. If the parents voluntarily relinquish their rights or the court permanently teminates parental rights then relatives or interested person's may petition the court for guardianship of the minor children. Allthough courts prefer minor children remain within the custody of relatives, there is no guarantee a guardianship request will be granted to any relative or friend of the family.

Who intercedes for Hester in the matter of Pearls custody?

Dimmesdale interceded for Hester in the matter of Pearl's custody.

Two parents unwed have no child custody agreement can one parent take the child from another parents home legally?

Yes but they can't "legally"keep the parent from seeing the child.There is no custody arrangement so it wouldn't really matter!

What if one set of grandparents trick the parents into signing over primary custody of their child without letting the other grandparents know?

That's a matter for the courts to revoke the custody agreement.

If the non custodial parent has custody of the child for 6 months and child support is not returned to him as per the custody papers what are his rights toward seeking full custody?

You should take this matter back to court immediately to modify your current agreement. Ensure that you are prepared to show proof that the custody arrangement has changed, and that support has been paid to the custodial parent (on paper) although circumstances have changed. Request that the backdated support be paid in addition to child support going forward

Can a grandma get child support from a mom and dad who don't care for their children?

Any grandparent(s) who are the primary caregivers for their grandchildren or any child of the family and not living in the same residence as the children's parents is entitled to be reimbursed for the care of those children. To be eligible for such support the grandparent must be able to show the court that the caregiving of the children is done from necessity and not just a "family matter". Or the grandparent(s) may file a petition for custody if that has not yet been done, if custody is granted, child support will be ordered as well. Contact the clerk of the circuit court in the county of residence for more information on the laws of the state in which you reside and filing procedures. Or contact the state's department of family and childrens services.

If the father has custody but the mother raises the child can the mother get partial custody of the child?

If the mother is raising the child and the father has custody the mother should return to court and petition for custody and child support, especially if this is a matter of control. She should consult with an attorney or other legal advocate.

Are parents who drink or on drugs more abusive to their children than parents who are depressed?

My opinion on the matter is that parents shouldn't be abusing their children anyway, but i think that parents that are drunks or druggies abuse their children more than a parent who is stressed or depressed.

Can your wife give custody of children to her sister if we have been separated and neither one has legal custody?

No. Your wife cannot grant legal custody of your children to anyone else. That must be done by a court order and the court would not ignore your parental rights in the matter unless it deems you to be unfit after a series of hearings.No. Your wife cannot grant legal custody of your children to anyone else. That must be done by a court order and the court would not ignore your parental rights in the matter unless it deems you to be unfit after a series of hearings.No. Your wife cannot grant legal custody of your children to anyone else. That must be done by a court order and the court would not ignore your parental rights in the matter unless it deems you to be unfit after a series of hearings.No. Your wife cannot grant legal custody of your children to anyone else. That must be done by a court order and the court would not ignore your parental rights in the matter unless it deems you to be unfit after a series of hearings.

In the event of a divorce who get to claim the children as dependents on income tax?

It should be addressed in the divorce and custody arrangement. If not, it is a matter of frequent dispute. Generally, the custodial parent...but if the other is actually providing the majority of financial support, an argument can be made for them.

Can parents be granted on order through the courts to keep their child in their custody until the child turns 18?

No. As parents you already have custody but a judge can not give you a guarantee that no matter what will you keep that. The best of the child comes first and if you for some reason is found unfit down the road the child would need a new guardian. If you are divorced and granted custody that court order is valid unless the other parent (or the state) get custody for whatever reason (if both parents become unfit etc). And custody lasts until the child is 18. You can not get a guarantee from the judge that you as a parent will have custody until the child is 18. There are 2 parents and according to the law both are allowed to seek custody of their child.

My parents divorced when I was like four I've lived with my mom ever since I am turning 14 July 11 will I be able to move in with my dad this summer once I turn 14?

If your mother has sole custody, then it will be up to her. If your parents share custody, they will be able to discuss the matter and come to a decision they both agree on. If the custody agreement says you will spend time with your father when you reach age 14, then it would be so. However, custody arrangements where your custody changes based on your age are quite rare. My guess is your mother will be the one who makes the final decision on this matter.

If a parent gets imprisoned what are the steps to take to allow custody of their children to their family if father has sole custody and doesn't want the mother to have the children?

If you live in the US... Unless Mom's parental rights (different thing than custodial rights) have been terminated or she can be proven unfit, she's first in line for custody, so if she wants custody, she will get it (no matter what Dad wants)

If your children have been temporarily removed from your home do you have to pay child support?

If there is a court order in place requiring you to pay support the answer is obviously..Yes. If the children have been removed by CFS or whatever it is called in your state. You will be notified at the hearing as to your financial obligations. There is always a Family Court hearing whenever children are taken into protective custody. If they are living with a relative, or spouse then that is a different matter. This is a situation where you should seek legal counsel.

If biological mother gives up custody to child's great aunt by marriage can father step in and take custody without a lot of complications?

My first thought is, why did she give the children to the great aunt? In my opinion, that would matter. I do think that parents should have that right. If the children are young It might be easy. However,if the children are eight or older and they have a great relationship with their aunt it might cause some problems between the father & child. Make sure you are making a wise decision. Think of the children.