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If was not done by a formal invitation, in print and sent through the mail, you are not obligated to send anything at all. Usually, the return address will be on the reply envelop so you could send something if you choose to. When a oral invitation to a wedding is given its usually an after thought and I find it highly insulting, sometimes people do that to fish for a gift. IF you do choose to send a gift, the proper thing would be is to find out from the parents where the daughter will be residing after getting married and send the gift there because you dont send a gift before a wedding, its after you know that the wedding actually occurred and curiously, have you been invited to the bridal shower as well? That too should tell you of their considerations for you.

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Do grooms parents give a gift to bride and groom?

In a traditional wedding where the Bride's parents, pay for the wedding, certainly. Cash or checque in the amount that you can afford, along with a small extra gift of a personal nature for the new couple's home together. DON'T over-extend yourself, as your bridal couple and parents should have some awareness of each other's financial condition.

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Should children acknowledge parents wedding anniversaries?

yes ,and plus its politeAnswer:There is no need to. If the family traditionally has done this they may wish to continue the tradition, if the family is not of this persuasion there isn't a compulsion to. If the family is dysfunctional it is unlikely that either side would extend the effort.

What does Extending invitations mean?

To extend an invitation means to offer a person a place at a meeting, party, or other function that would include a list of people to be considered for attendance.

What amount should be spent on wedding ring?

* It depends entirely on how much money the person has that is buying the wedding ring. You can spend as little as $150 to $300 for a wedding band or the sky is the limit. It is wise that you don't over extend your finances and be paying for the wedding ring for years to come. Often the engagement and wedding ring go together or you can buy them singularly.

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How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift if unable to attend wedding?

A guest that is giving money should only give what they can and not over extend themselves. $50 is a decent amount. If you are closer to the person you can give $75 - $100.

How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift when the wedding is in the tropics?

It does not matter where the couple gets married and any amount of money a guest or parent gives the couple should be appreciated and a person should not over extend their financial limit.

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Both men and women should extend their hand to shake the bride's father's hand and then say, 'Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.' Keep it simple.

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