If the penis never enters the vagina only cums on it can you still get pregnant?


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Absolutely !!!! Sperm are fast little swimmers ... be careful! use a condom - ALWAYS.

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Any position in which the penis enters the vagina.

To have a pregnancy, the penis enters the vagina. There must also be an ejaculation.

Well a dude puts his penis in a gurls vagina and sperm goes from his penis throught the vagina and enters the womans eggand thats how you get pregnant

You can only get pregnant if the sperm from his penis reaches the inside of your vagina. Sperm left on his penis can't make you pregnant unless he enters your vagina.

as long as the penis enters the vagina.. it doesn't matter what you wear.

You can get pregnant if sperm gets into your vagina. Anytime a penis enters your vagina, you can get some sperm in it. It does not matter how you move while having sex.

The minute a penis enters the vagina you can get pregnant so protect yourself if you are not trying to get pregnant!

When the penis enters the vagina the vagina opens (streachs), The vagina will streach enough for any size on penis,

Absolutely. If the penis enters the vagina even for a second, you can become pregnant. Even if he does not ejaculate, there is pre-come.

As soon as a penis enters a vagina, no matter what you have done, you CAN get pregnant.

Yes, if any of the sperm comes in contact with the actual vagina, yes you can get pregnant from that, even if the penis never physically penetrated the vagina.

yes! it does! the more the penis gets deeper the more the vagina gets bigger!

No. Shemales can not become pregnant because they have a penis instead of a vagina. Even if the penis was removed they still can't get pregnant because they never had a uterus.

No. The only way you can get pregnant is when a penis enters a woman's vagina. The penis will ejaculate, the sperm cell will travel(swim) to the woman's ovarian tubes and that creates a baby

You can never say for certain that you will get pregnant or not, but if the penis enters the vagina then yes you could potentially get pregnant. Some people think that the "pull out" method is effective birth control, and they are wrong. The penis will excrete semen without ejaculation. It release a lubricating like substance when erect, and that could potentially contain semen.

In sex it is where a penis enters the vagina or anuspenetration is when a man inserts his penis inside a womans vagina.

The vagina tightens up when the penis of a man enters the vaginal area. When the sperm from the man's penis enters the woman's vagina, the sperm and the egg become one, and soon produce a baby.

Mid to high level chance since sperm can remain on the tip of the penis.

A tampon will never make you pregnant, and won't interfere with your ability to get pregnant in the future. You get pregnant from a penis in the vagina, not a tampon.

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

Yes. If there is sperm in or around the vagina you can get pregnant.

when penis enters into vagina, it enters it real deep inside, not unless the vagina size is short then pain occurs and might able to stretch the size of vagina little bit more.

Sperm from a boy's penis must get inside the girl's vagina during her fertile time of the month. Usually, the penis becomes hard and enters inside the vagina, then the boy's semen, which contains his sperm, ejaculates into the vagina. If the sperm find an egg to fertilize, the girl becomes pregnant with a child. I say usually because the penis doesn't really have to enter inside the vagina to make the girl pregnant. Even a little sperm from the tip of the penis rubbed onto the outside of the vagina could find it's way inside and make the girl pregnant.

Yes, in principal, but as long as sperm enters the vagina then there is a chance of a pregnancy. The penis could ejaculate just outside the vagina and sperm may seep inside quickly thus causing pregnancy. This is why the withdrawl method (removing the penis from the vagina at the point of climax) of contraception is not flawless. Besides this, the penis can leak sperm into the vagina before withdrawl and climax.

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