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The area is 256 square feet.


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If the shape is a square, the area is: 64 square feet.

If one of the sides is 8 feet, the perimeter is 32 feet and the area is 64 square feet.

Each side would be 8ft, so 32ft in perimeter.

4 square feet. The perimeter is 8 feet. A square has all four sides equal length. 8 ft / 4 = 2 ft (length of a side). Area = (2 ft)2 = 4 ft2

A square with a perimeter of 32 inches has an area of 64 square inches.

A square with are area of 64 square centimeters has a perimeter of 32 centimeters, since there are four sides, each 8 centimeters in length.

The area of a square that has a perimeter of 32m is: 64 m2

A = L x WIf the perimeter is 32 feet, than each side would be 8 feet8 x 8 = 64 ft²

Multiply width by length to get the area. The answer would be 64 square feet.

What you have to do is to Squarerootthe Perimeter then multiply the answer by 4For example if the area is 256 , and Perimeter is ?solution=Perimeter is 64Answered by Faustin,Obedi

A perimeter of 64 would indicate that each side is 16. The area would be 16 times 16 which is 256. If it is in inches, it would be 256 Square Inches.

For a square yes. If square root the area, you will get the length of a side. Times this by 4 to get the perimeter. E.g. Area=64cm2 64(square rooted)=8cm 8 X 4=32cm Perimeter=32cm

No, but I can tell you that an 8 x 8 square has an area of 64 and a perimeter of 32.

8 feet times 8 feet is an area 64 square feet. 64 square feet are 7.111111 square yards.

If the area of the square is 64 square cm then its sides are 8 cm. Its perimeter: 8+8+8+8 = 32 cm

Since a square has four sides that are all of equal length each side is of length 32/4, or 8. The area of the square garden is length times width, 8 x 8, or 64. 64 square feet? 64 square meters? 64 square inches? Your question didn't specify any units.

Radius of circle: square root of (64/pi) = 4.5135166683 feet

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