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No. The life estate belongs to her as long as she is alive. If she granted a power of attorney and it is still valid, the attorney in fact could consent to a sale of the real estate or release the life estate. If there is no valid POA and the individual is not of sound mind, a petition to sell the real estate free of the life estate could be brought before the probate court.

A life estate means that someone else gets the property at her death. Who gets the property on her death? They can only sell it subject to the life estate, which reduces the value to the buyer.

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Q: If the person holding a life estate is in the nursing home and will never return to the home can the home be sold with out her signing off on it?
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How long can a person with a life estate in a nursing long term keep the life estate?

As long as they are alive.

Who pays nursing home when you die?

Normally any debts a person has when they die (such as outstanding fees to a nursing home) are paid out of the estate of the deceased person. If there is not enough money in the estate to meet all the debts then the people owed money get only a share of what there is. Relatives do not have to make up the difference unless THEY told the nursing home THEY would pay the nursing home costs (and signed a contract to this effect).

What type of tax is levied on the entire estate of a person?

Estate taxes are levied on the entire estate of a person.

How do you address a person's estate?

To the Estate of xxxxxxx

What type of tax is levied directly on the entire estate of a person?

Estate taxes are levied on the entire estate of a person.

What type of taxes Levied directly on the entire estate of a person?

Estate taxes are levied on the entire estate of a person.

In North Carolina can medicaid take a person's home after she dies if she has received medicaid benefits in nursing home?

Medicaid will file a lien on the person's home, which is enforceable when the home is sold. They will also file an estate claim.

What are consequences of signing out elder from nursing home committing to provide 24 hour care fraudulently?

That person leaves themselves open to charges of Elder Abuse, which in some states is a felony offense.

What are the different metaparadigm in nursing theory?

person, health, environment and nursing

What is purpose of acknowledgement before a notary public in signing a deed?

To ensure that the person who is signing their name to the document ACTUALLY IS that person.

How do you do a nursing notes for a person with tracheostomy?

i would like to know how can i do a nursing notes on a person with tracheostomy,and what are they sign and symtomps

Can an elderly person sign their self out of nursing homw?

The bottom line is "yes, with some exceptions." If they couldn't, it would open the nursing home up to charges of false imprisonment and/or kidnapping. Now, if the person is mentally or physically incapable of caring for themselves and/or they're "a danger to the community," it's a different story, and such people may well be under restrictions. But a person who is simply old but otherwise in reasonable physical and mental health and who happens to live in a "nursing home" can leave any time they choose, with or without "signing themselves out" (the "signing out" procedure is probably part of a contract with the nursing home, but failing to do it means the worst that happens to you is that the nursing home tells you you're no longer welcome there and will need to find a new place to live ... it's not actually illegal to leave without telling them).

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