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Only if they are a joint title holder of the vehicle.

2016-04-13 22:06:56
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If the primary buyer refuses to make car payments and drops the car off to the cosigner What is the cosigners responsibility?

To make the car payments. Just be glad you have the car too.

What can you do if the cosigner has stopped making payments but refuses to give you the car or turn it in?

You might talk to a lawyer and settle it in small claims court.

What do you do if a cosigner refuses to sign the title over after you have paid off the loan?

Contact a local attorney. Cosigning does not give him any rights to the title, but if he is listed on the title as a CO-OWNER, then who made the payments has no bearing on his right of possession. He has no legal obligation to give up his share in the vehicle unless you have some other document in which he has agreed to relinquish ownership in exchange for something of value.

Can the lender put a lien on another car if a cosigner refuses to pay another car loan?


Is the buyer still responsible for buying a vehicle if the cosigner refuses to sign?

The primary borrower is always responsible for the debt if he or she has signed a valid lending agreement. It would seem logical that if the lender required the primary to have a cosigner and the named person refused to take on that responsibility then the transaction would not occur.

Can a cosigner for bail be held liable for the whole amount if the person does not show for court?

If the principle refuses or is unable to come up with the money, yes, th co-signer will have to make good.

If you co-sign for a loan and you take over the payments can you get the other person on the title taken off?

Since the person you co-signed for has agreed that you take possession of the car, then all you need for them to be removed from the title is to change the way the vehicle is titled. This is done through your Motor Vehicle Administration office. If there are 2 names on the title and you want to make it only one (regardless of which one wants it), both parties must agree and both must sign the new papers at the title office. So if you cosigned on a car loan and you are looking to have the primary person's nam removed from the title because you are now making the payments, you are out of luck if the person refuses. That's the risk you take in cosignin. It is not somethin to be taken lightly as it is often irreversible.

If a vehicle leased to you is being driven by ex-fiance who refuses to make payments can you get it legally repossessed?

IF her name is NOT on the title, you can just go get your car.

What if your spouse refuses to leave the home you share?

Nothing. If you share the house, you have no authority to kick him or her out. If there is a pending divorce, you can seek to have the court award possession of the house to one of you individually.

What can you legally do if you want to refinance your car to have the cosigners name removed but the cosigner refuses to sign the papers?

The co-signor might be doing you a favor and might not be. Just tell the lender what you want to do. IF youur credit is good enough, they will take care of the paperwork.

Can you evict a co-owner of your house if he filed bankruptcy and refuses to continue payments?

That is a good question, since the co-owner may have become a tenant by discharging the debt. You have to be careful not to violate his Automatic Stay, meaning that you can't badger the person for payments. Direct your question to an attorney.

The co-signer for the car loan had to make 3 payments through the course of the term and at the time of payoff he requested the bank to send him the title and they did Now he is keeping the title?

He owns the car legally now that he has the title. The only thing you can do is gather financial evidence that you paid those 3 times and ask him for the money. If he refuses, take him to small claims court. You will win. If the person's name is not on the title he or she has no legal rights to the vehicle. Simply having possession of the title to a vehicle or any property does not confer ownership rights. A cosigner who is not included on the title cannot keep possession of it until they are reimbursed for payments made, they must use the due process of law. If the person's name is not on the title then the bank has made a serious error and has placed itself in the postition of being sued by the primary borrower if that person so chooses.ANSWER It sounds like you're saying that you were the primary purchaser, and the co-signer only made three payments the length of the loan, correct? In that case. you guys both are probably on the title, and, to get the vehicle/title back is to arrange to oay him back for the three payments they made during that time. You can probably come to an amicable agreement like you pay them back for the total amount they spent on the vehicle and then have them go with you to the registration office in your city so that they can sign the title over to you.

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You are trying to pay off a judgment in payments and the other party refuses payments should and can anything be done on your part to force them to accept payments or get the judgment taken off?

I am pretty sure you would then have to go to the court in which your original case took place and file some kind of motion that would reopen the case... let the other party explain to the judge why they wont accept the payment..

What if father refuses to pay child support?

If there is a court order for him to pay child support, the best thing to do is report his delinquent payments to your local Department of Human Services. They will work to collect the money he owes.

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The person you cosigned for an auto loan refuses to pay what do you do?

Contact the people who gave the loan. You are the next person they will look to for the money. When you cosign you are saying you will pay the loan if the other person doesn't, so now you owe. You could also take the signer to small claims court to get your money back if you end up paying for the loan.

What are the main landform regions of the Philippines?

When a person (generally a Filipino), buys a piece of property ( lot / land ) in the Philippines, but after completing the payments, the realtor refuses to give the person the title to the lot/ or refuses to return his/her money; what recourse does this person have? if she appeals to the goverment, wins the case, but the realtor still refuse to obey the government's decision, what is let for the person swindled has?

What can you do if your neighbor refuses to move his fence off your property?

If you can't work this matter out directly with the neighbor, you will need to see a real estate attorney in your area. The neighbor is likely claiming adverse possession, which means that the neighbor owns the property inside his fence because the fence has existed for a long time. You can follow the below link for a brief description of adverse possession.

Is there a squatters rights law for tenants living in Indianapolis?

No. Tenants have permission from the landlord to use the property. You can't claim adverse possession if you had permission to use the property. If a tenant refuses to leave they can be evicted. Squatters are trespassers in the United States.

If you cosign a student loan and cancel within 4 days of the first disbursement but bank refuses to cancel it is the cosigner responsible for payment?

If the loan was disbursed, it's too late to cancel unless the entire amount is returned to the lender. but you can just as easily turn that loan right around and prepay the disbursement.

Invoking the Fifth Amendment means an accused man refuses what?

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What if the cosigner refuses to sign the auto loan but the down payment is already made?

Hummm --- co-signer NOT a co-signer! -- your options are few - 1) GET ANOTHER CO-SIGNER QUICK, or 2) GET YOUR DOWN PAYMENT BACK QUICKLY or 3) Work w/dealer to arrange payments for your new car! If you've a job - ask (beg) your employer to tell car dealer that your stable in your job and you will not lose your job unless you can't get to work because you got no car! GOOD LUCK, and choose better friends to be your Co-signer next time.

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ask tenant to pay for tenant's responsible damage immediately or negotiate for monthly payments; if tenant refuses or does not do so, the landlord "simply" sues tenant in small claims or landlord-tenant court.