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There is a fuse box under the hooh on the right hand side also. You will probably find one on them blown.

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Q: If the plug in outlet for 12 v 20 amp accessories in a 1998 Dodge Ram Van has no power but all fuses are good is this outlet fed from somewhere other than the main fuse block?
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Will a 1997 Dodge 318 block work in a 1984 Dodge truck?

Not with out modifications.

Where is the thremostat on a dodge pick-up?

depending on the year, it may be in various places, but it its housing is not clearly visible to you somewhere near the block, then it is likely locacated inside the large hose running from the radiator to the block, on the block end. loosen the hose clamp and pull it off, it may be there affixed to the block where the hose attaches, especially if yours is an older model.

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1997 dodge ram 1500 2wd 1500 engine block heater location

Where is the block heater located on your 2007 f-250 diesel truck?

somewhere on the engine block i suspect

Can you find Location of orifice tube 2003 dodge caravan?

I am almost 100% sure Dodge does not use a orfice tube they use a TX Block (Thermal Expansion Block)

Where is the engine block heater cord for a 2007 dodge cummins?

On eBay or Ryder Fleet Service about $20. The heater is in the block but Dodge doesn't include the cord..

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yes it will it's the same block

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The Dodge Sprinter did not come out until 2002. The heater is an add on option that is installed in a freeze plug on the passenger side of the block.

Where is a 6.9 ford thermostat?

at the emd of upper rad hose between outlet and block

Where is water outlet on 95 accord?

this is the part where the top radiator hose connects to on the block

Where is the flasher unit on a 2002 Dodge Dakota?

in the fuse block

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Yes. It is in the block near the oil filter.

What is the material made with dodge ram v6 1500 2001 block cylinder?

The engine block is cast iron.