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It depends why they are there. If they are just taking an afternoon stroll, yes they have to leave. If they are chasing a fleeing felon, no, they don't. If they are there to speak to you, no they don't. They cannot search your property without your consent or a warrant though.

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Q: If the police come on your property and you tell them to get off do they have to do so?
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How do you keep unwanted persons off your property legally?

You need to contact police to tell them that a person is trespassing, then the police can contact this person and warn them that if they are ever found on the property again they can be arrested. If you find them on the property again, call the police and they will be arrested.

Can a tow truck driver come on your property and take your vehicle if you tell him to get off your property?

In most states if they have a reposstion order they can

Can you tell a police officer to get off your yard using private property in Los Angeles?

Assuming the officer has no valid business being on your property yes. If he refuses to leave, tell him one last time to leave your property. If he fails to leave at that point, call the Police and you can have him lawfully arrested or cited for trespassing. However, If the officer(s) are there on official business, you cannot ask them to leave, but you can inquire as to why they are on your property.

Do you get nights off during the police academy?

While this will vary from police academy to police academy, those I have spoken to tell me that you generally get weekends off.

Can off duty police officers come on your private property?

As a legal matter, police officers are never 'off duty' and are sworn to uphold the law at all times. Therefore, in the performance of their official duties, yes they can. However, in their status as private citizens, you may bar them if they have no official reason to trespass on your property.

What does the word Breaking mean for police?

i am pretty sure it is when you tell a police officer the %$^% off or something

Will police tow cars off private property?

Yes, if they have just cause.

Can a police officer give you a loud music ticket on private property?

If it can be heard off of that property, and is determined to be a nuisance, yes.

What does dally tell the police when he is stopped?

Dally tells the police men that Pony fell off his motorcycle and that he was taking him to the hospital

Can you trespass on a baseball field while a game is being played?

no it is disturbance of game and the game will halt and the umpire will walk over to you and ask you to leave if you do not they will call the police to come and remove you off of the property

Can a police officer park on private property with their lights off at night to patrol a stop sign?

If the private property is a residence NO unless the owner has given permission. If it is a business YES as the public police included have right of access.

How do you keep coyotes out of your yard?

Sit out there in the night and wait for them to come, once you see them, politely ask them to stay off your property. Tell them that you bought the property and you own it and pay taxes on it so it's only fair if they get their own land to hunt/scavenger on.

Can you have a car that is not yours towed off your property in Maryland without the title or registration or expense to you?

I don't know about your state but call the police and a local wreacker company or salvage yard tell them it is not yours and you want it gone the police can run the vin to see who Owens it it may have been stolen

What did Dally tell the police when he took Ponyboy to the hospital?

"This kid fell off his motorcycle."

Can a co signer have the police come with them and take your vehicle off your property with out any paperwork?

IF and only IF, the co-signor is listed on the TITLE as co-OWNER, it is NOT a repossession. They are taking their own car. IF they are NOT on the TITLE, its GRAND THEFT. Police or not. CALL a local attorney for state specific advice ASAP.

Can they come on private property and repossess your car in North Carolina?

It is possible for someone to come onto private property in order to possess your car in North Carolina. If you have not paid you car off, it is never yours until it is paid off.

If a private water company is using your property and water for their business can the owner of the property recover money for property taxes and the water used?

Of course tell them to rent half of your property if not sue them....its your property you have earned it...Kick them off

Can a vehicle owner personally tow their vehicle off someone else's private property?

I would not go on private property to get your vehicle without the police being present. You may end up in a conundrum. Contact the local police and explain the situation.

Where did your car get towed too off fwy?

Call the state police, they had it towed and can tell you where it was towed to.

Can the repo man come get it off your property?

Yes, he can get it anywhere. No he cannot get it" anywhere".The repo men want you to think that.They can come on your property but they cannot damage your property or "cause a breach of the peace".Now this doesn't mean you have to let them, you can call the police etc.Calling the police is usually a good idea because then you have impartial witnesses.And no the cops won't arrest you. YES, IT CAN BE REPO'D anywhere,as long as it is not locked in. Yes and you don't get caught trespassing...... NO!!!!, A repo man cannot legally enter gated property to take a vehicle without the owners concent, in California. If I come out to a call like this I will arrest you for trespass if the owner wishes to press charges.

How do you file a restraining order keeping someone off my business property?

Talk to a police officer. He will give you the paper work.

Should a off duty police officer inform you that he is a police officer?

No he doesn't have to tell you. However, if the off-duty officer is interacting with you in his official capacity, he must identify himself at that point

Can you keep a security guard off your property?

if it is private property yes. If you live in a complex that has security guards, you can keep them off to an extent. If its private property, I would suggest to notify them that it is private and you want them to leave. If they do not leave you have the right to call the police and have trespassing charges brought against them.

What can you do if someone is on your property that you do not want on your property?

When someone is on another's property they are trespassing so get a 'no trespassing sign' and put it in plain sight. If this person is still on your property then be calm and ask them to read the sign and to please stay off your property. If they become belligerent or they refuse to stop then phone the police.

How do you keep guest that have caused problems off the property legally?

Someone on property you own or control is there at your sufferance. If you tell them to get off, legally they have to or you can call the police and have them arrested for trespassing (usually; there are some exceptions and legal niceties involved, so you might want to contact a lawyer to find out if any of these could potentially apply in your case). If the lawyer says you can have them arrested for trespassing, inform them as soon as you see them that they are not welcome and that if they don't leave immediately you'll be calling the police. If they don't leave, then do so.