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Yes if they have good reason to believe that you have broken the law but you have the right to remain silent

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Q: If the police come to your residence and detain you can they take you to the station?
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Can police force you to come to the police station?

Only if you are under arrest.

What is a good April Fools' Day joke to text to someone?

Hi it's the police can you please come to the police station

What do you do when your dad finds out your at the police station?

Pray, hope he isn't too mad, and come clean with what you did.

How do you expel people who are squatting?

Call your local police station and report it. Keep reporting it it was hard for us to get them to come.

How many days could municipal mayor give suspension to a police station commander?

Unless the Station Commander was also the Chief Of Police, the Mayor does not have the authority to suspend him/her. The suspension, even if the action originated with the Mayor's Office, would have to come to the Station Commander through the Chief of the department.

Will the police come to your house if you're a witness?

Come to your house for what reason? If you are a witness and they need to question you about something relevant to the case, probably they will. If you prefer that they not come to your house notify them that you wish to be interviewed at some other location (i.e. the police station, for instance).

How do you find out if your boyfriend is wanted by police?

Call a local police station and give them as much information as possible and they will search the person and see if they are a possible suspect then possibly come and arrest them!

If you are not the residence of a house and they police arrive to arrest someone at the home do you have to open the door to them?

If they are instructing you to open the door and do do not listen to there commands you can be arrest for obstruction. If you are obstructing or hindering a police investigation they can arrest you. Also in some cases if the police come with a warrant you might not have to open the door they just might do it for you.

Is it legal for the police to ask a 16 year old male to come to the police station for questioning and tell the parent they don't need to come?

No. It is not legal, the teen is considered a minor until the age of 18 and cannot be questioned without a parent or legal guardian present.

What if a creditor is threatening to come to my house?

In the majority of states a creditor or collector can go to the residence of the debtor. However, the debtor or owner/renter of the residence can request that the person leave and not return. If said person does not comply, the residential owner/renter can enlist the assistance of the local police to have he or she removed from the property.

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