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If the potion does not work what will Juliet do?

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she would kill herself or run away

she could also be forced to marry Paris

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What doubts does Juliet have during the potion scene?

that the potion wont work .

If the potion doesn't work what will Juliet do?

Try to kill her self

What does Juliet place beside her as she takes the sleeping potion?

i think it was a dagger in case the potion didn't work

If the potion doesnt work wha twill Juliet do?

Juliet mentioned if the potion did not work she would kill herself. So it was implied that the next plan would be a suicide to avoid marriage to Paris.

If the potion doesn't work what does Juliet plan to do?

She has a knife to stab herself.

What does Juliet plan to do if the potion does not work?

She will take her own life.

If the potion does not work what would Juliet do?

We will never know. Shakespear wrote it to be dramatic.

What are some concerns that Juliet has before drinking the potion?

the potion won't work she'll suffocate in the tomb she'll turn crazy

When Juliet worries that the potion will not work what backup plan does she choose?

take her own life

What will the friar's potion do Juliet?

It was a sleeping potion to simulate death.

Who discovers Juliet after taking the potion?

Of course it is Juliet who takes the knock-out potion, and the Nurse who finds her, apparently dead.

How did Juliet feel about taking the potion?

Juliet was worried about taking the potion because she didn't know if it would work, or if she would ever wake up again. she also had a thought in the back of her head that friar Lawrence may have given her a potion that would kill her so he wouldn't get banished or sentenced to death for marrying Juliet and romeo

What is Juliet afraid will happen if she drinks the potion?

will work to well-wont work at all- romeo wont show up

What does Juliet take to bed in case her plan doesn't work?

A dagger. If the friar's potion doesn't work, she will stab herself.

What does juliet fear before she takes the potion?

Several things: that the potion will not work, that it will kill her, and that she will wake up surrounded by decaying corpses before anyone comes to get her.

Why does Friar Lawrence give Juliet the potion?

Friar Lawrence gives Juliet the potion to reunite Romeo and Juliet again from their parting. Juliet is forced to marry Paris and she does not want to. Therefore she goes to Friar Lawrence for help and he gives her the potion to get her life and love back

What three fears does Juliet reveal in her soliloquy in scene 3?

1) afraid the potion won't work 2) afraid the potion will work too well 3) afraid Romeo will not come to her

Where did Romeo and Juliet get the potion from?

Friar Lawrence gives her the sleeping potion to drink.

What three fears does Juliet reveal?

1. The potion won't work. 2. Friar Lawrence is giving her the potion to kill her so that he won't get blamed for marrying Romeo and Juliet. 3. She will wake up too early and become terrified.

What are some examples of trust in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet and Friar; His potion would work the way he promised Juliet and romeo: Hed love her forever and not swear by the moon due to its unconstant orb.

What is the news that romeo hears about the plan for Juliet to drink the sleeping potion?

Romeo does not hear about the plan for Juliet to drink the sleeping potion; if he had heard about it he would have understood that Juliet was not really dead.

Romeo and Juliet How long will the effects of the potion last on Juliet?

42 hours

What happens after Juliet takes the potion?

Juliet passes out, giving the appearance of death.

What is the potion that juliet drinks?

It is not named in the text.

Who discovers Juliet after she tskes potion?

Her family

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