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A loose wire in the circuit somewhere; a faulty circuit breaker; faulty receptacles/luminaries.

The problem could be due to corrosion of the insulation of old wiring (not UF cable type used long ago) going to the garage. This happened to my garage that was built approximately 60 years ago. Suggest tracing the wiring with an ohm meter or continuity tester from the source to the garage to see if the line is open or close.

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What do tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses indicate?

Blown fuses indicate overload in the electrical circuit. Possible short-circuit or higher input voltage.Tripped circuit breakers I guess means:A residual-current device (RCD), similar to a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) which is used for breaking the circuit when electric current pass through a man or could cause fire/burning in the/near the electrical sockets.

If power is out in one room of the house but the breaker was not tripped what could be the problem?

Check the connections to all the receptacles. On a spur, it's possible that one wire slipped off and then that breaks the circuit, not likely on a ring circuit. It is also possible that you have a GFCI (ELCB UK) in the run that might be tripped and that could bring the run down as well. Of course, the breaker might have tripped and the toggle not flipped over; try manually tripping and resetting it.

Why are switches useful in a circuit?

switches are important because they could break the circuit if too much current is being used ,whch could cause an electrical fire

Why do fuses break the current in a circuit?

The reason for a fuse to break the current within a circuit is to protect the circuit itself and prevent fire. When an excess of electricity (or, too much electricity for the circuit to safely handle) attempts to pass through the fuse, a physical break within the connections of the fuse occurs. By breaking the connection, the excessive electricity is stopped, and prevented from causing possible overheating within the circuit, which could result in fire and permanent damage to the circuit.

Why would you not have hot water in the water heater?

mebhi boroking pipeIf an electric water heater, the circuit breaker has tripped or the element(s) or thermostat(s) could be bad. Have a plumber check it.

You lost a voltage leg by connecting the ground wire to the circuit breaker but com ed wires are still energized?

Yes this could be true. The breaker to the load will have tripped. The main breaker should still be allowing voltage to the distribution panel because it did not trip. If the main breaker tripped then the distribution panel must have been close to maximum amperage and the shorting of the branch circuit was enough to trip the mains.

When a voltage leg is lost by connecting the ground wire to the circuit breaker are com ed wires still energized?

Yes this could be true. The breaker to the load will have tripped. The main breaker should still be allowing voltage to the distribution panel because it did not trip. If the main breaker tripped then the distribution panel must have been close to maximum amperage and the shorting of the branch circuit was enough to trip the mains.

When electrical circuit is open?

An open electrical circuit means that no electricity is flowing through the circuit. This could be because a switch is in the off position, or there is a break in the wiring, or a component in the circuit has failed, and other reasons are possible.

How do you draw an open and close circuit?

It's open and closed circuit.An open circuiit is a break, or disconnection, in a circuit. It could be, for instance, a switch in the "off" position.A closed dircuit is one which is connected (to something). It may be through a switch in the "on" position.

When a tree falls on power lines grid what fault is it?

It depends on what happens. It could cause adjacent conductors to clash (line-to-line short-circuit fault), or it could break a conductor which then makes contact with the ground (line-to-earth short-circuit fault), or it could be neither of these.

What could cause the pool to not come on?

The start capacitor could be bad. Is the Breaker tripped? Do you have a timer? Is it working properly?

What is an unbroken circuit?

An unbroken circuit could be called a complete circuit or a closed circuit.

Is soccer a dangerus sport to play?

it depends, you could get tripped or kicked or pushed but its not that dangerous.

Can you put vitamins in a garage sale?

Its your garage sale so you could put vitamins in a garage sale. but would someone really buy it?

How is a circuit diagram related to a closed circuit?

A circuit diagram could be related to a closed circuit if the diagram is of a closed circuit.

A screwdriver placed across two wires in a circuit creates a circuit?

Depending on where in the circuit the screw driver is placed it could be used as a switch or it could short the circuit out.

What does a microchip do?

A Microchip is a semiconductor integrated circuit. The function depends on what it is designed to do. It could be a micro processor, memory chip, or digital tuner. It could be used in your wristwatch, microwave oven, cell phone, garage door opener, the space shuttle, or almost anything. Scroll down to related links and look for "Integrated circuit - Wikipedia".

What could you put over wires that doesn't break electrical circuits?

Insulation can be put over wires to prevent short circuit breaker trips.

Why won't two GFCI protection outlets located inside the garage reset after you power washed the outside of the house?

There is probably water in an outside outlet. GFCI outlets monitor the neutral wire, and any moister it detects will cause it to trip out. Also the outlets themselves could have been damaged and need replaceing. The circuit breakers might also be tripped, the GFCI outlet is designed to not reset unless there is power from the breaker. Hope this helps.

Do some electrical breakers when they are tripped go into the off position instead of the normal tripped position I have a cutler hammer breaker that tripped but is in the off position?

Some breakers can trip totally off. If the breaker is continually turning off without a wiring issue, then the breaker could be going bad.

How do you hook up a light fixture with two power sources... Could a garage light be fed by a light switch and the garage door opener if they are are on the same leg?

A garage door opener and the garage light can be on the same circuit. The garage door opener has to be up stream (non switched 120 volt source) from the light switch and the garage light.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

Why does the electric socket not work?

The recepticle could be a GFI ( ground fault interuptor) which needs to be reset. The circut breaker might have tripped, or you could have a bad plug-in. All are pretty easy to fix. Now if it is a light socket, it could be a bad switch, a tripped circut breaker or a bad light socket.

What is he main function of an earth leakage circuit breaker?

An earth leakage circuit breaker actually protects the ground (earth ground) of , usually, sensitive electronic equipment that could be damaged is there is the slightest current found on the ground. Usually if that type of fuse or breaker is tripped or blown, the equipment will not turn on. This type of equipment is mostly used in the Medical Field.

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