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If you have a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country check the wiring harness underneath the driver

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Q: If the power windows on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee only work with the drivers side control and no power locks work what could be wrong?
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What could be the problem in a 2001 Dodge Dakota V8 has four windows but can only control them from the drivers seat?

check and see if the window lock is on.

The power windows in my 95 Ford Taurus work from the driver's side control panel but not the individual control switches on the other doors any suggestions as to what this could be?

You should have a switch to lock the window control to the other windows on the drivers side. Hopefully if that's it and you unlock it it will work

How can you update your drivers in Windows?

You could use Windows Update to update your drivers and other essential updates that are needed for Windows. Alternatively, you could go on the manufacturers website and download a driver update from the downloads section.

Why won't the passanger electric wondow switch work on my 2000 jeep Cherokee sport?

It is very possible that it isjust a fuse. hope it does it for ya! Could be than not of the other power windows switches work either. If this is the case and only the drivers switch can operate the other windows then the most likely casue is the lock out swicth on the drivers side is gone.

where could you download drivers?

Windows update or manufacturers website is always a winner.

What could make the master control button on the drivers door work for the windows but not the window button on each door?

The window lock is faulty. It happened on my Jeep and i replaced the driver's dorr control module and it worked just fine...until that one broke too.

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What could be wrong besides a burned out fuse if power windows and power locks on all four doors don't work on a 1996 Cherokee Classic?

The wiring harness goin into drivers side door switch control may have a broken wire from the door opening / closing.I have encountered similar problems w/ 1995 grand cheokee. look in door jamb for broken wire beneath sheath.

Your audio hardware is not being detected since reinstallation of Windows how could it be detected?

Try reinstalling the drivers.

98 Jeep Gr Cherokee rear window does not work other windows sometimes do not work?

either the moters could be worn out or the swithes could be bad or wiring.try swaping swithes from other windows to try and narrow it down..but i think that could be hard because the switch on the door with the window not working could be good but the one at the drivers door be bad.if one of the swithes go bad nether of them will work.they r not vary expensive you best bet would just to buy new swithes and go from their.

Why don't my power windows work in my Mazda mpv?

If they both don't work, check the fuse. Under the dash on the drivers side. Could be a problem with the master control switch on the drivers door? I've had to replace the window regulators and both door switches, one at a time, never both at the same time.

What would cause the drivers window in your 99 jeep grand Cherokee to grind and then stop working?

It could be that the window motor has stopped working.

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It would all depend on the error you are getting . The possible reason is incompatible drivers . It could also be corrupt drivers on your windows OS causing the problems

Why does the driver side power window work and the other three windows dont on an altima?

On any type of car with power windows, it could be that the motor in each door has quit and therefore will not go up or down but it is rare that all three would quit working at the same time, so you may check to see if there is a "lock" on the windows - which is controlled by the drivers' side control panel.

What size tires are on a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee?

Check the label on the drivers door jamb. You will find that info there. It could be one of three sizes.

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What is the original tire size for a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Check the label on the drivers door jamb. You will find that info there. It could be one of three sizes.

Why does passenger window not work but drivers window does on your Toyota MR2 1996?

If it is electric windows it is the motor which needs replacing or it could be the regulator

What would cause the right rear and right door windows not to work on a 99 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

the switch board could be bad.

What could be the problem on a 2002 Cadillac ext truck power window control on drivers panel works all windows but control switches on other 3 doors do not work?

Not familiar with that particular car but many have a driver lock feature so if you have kids they can't operate them. See if applies to yours or unknown button somewhere

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i have hcl notebook k21pdc and have all drivers but my audio driver is not working could u suggest me what to do to resolve this problem

How do you fix the cruise control on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

Could be your ignition switch mine went out, but the vehicle ran fine otherwise.

My 2001 Volkswagen golf drivers and passengers mirrors stopped working Could it be a fuse?

yes it could be the fuse but it could the control also so check the fuse n check if the control are getting power if they r check the control r sending power a wire diagram will help.