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One other alternative is that the sand in the filter has become "channeled", that is, the water has worked open "holes" in the sand and is streaming right through (without really going through the sand).

Try a good backflushing, that usually fixes the channeling, if that is the problem.

If still zero pressure, then try replacing the gauge.

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I think your gauge is defective. Filter channeling will provide poor water filtration. Backwashing should be part of regular pool maintenance. Check pressure after backwashing. When the pressure rises 5 or 10 pounds it is time to backwash again. Keep in mind that as the pressure increases the filter becomes more effective at removing particles but also allows less water to be filtered. Never allow the pressure to exceed the manufacturers maximum pressure rating for the filter. Get a new gauge. They cost a lot less to replace than a burst filter.

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Q: If the pressure gauge on your pool's sand filter reads zero but the filter seems to be running fine with a strong return back into the pool is the gauge probably broken?
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