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Good question! There were plenty of palm trees on the island. The Professor was a bright guy. I guess, the writers wanted to keep the cast on the island for as long as they could! duhh!!bunch of idiots

obviously they werent able 2 build a boat on gilligans island because it would end the series..AND OBVIOUSLY THE CHICKEN CAME B4 THE EGG

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โˆ™ 2009-04-19 14:04:27
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Q: If the professor on gilligan's island can make a radio out of a coconut why couldn't he fix a whole in the boat?
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What was the professor's name on gilligans island?

The professor is always referred to as 'Professor' but his real name was Roy Hinkley

What is the name of the gilligans island movie?

rescue from gilligans island

What was the professors name on gilligans island tv show?

Russell Johnson played Roy Hinkley aka "The Professor" on Gilligan's Island

What was the professors name on Gilligans Island?

The character was Professor Roy Hinkley, played by actor Russell Johnson.

What actor played the professor on gilligans island?

Russell Johnson. The professor's name in the series was Roy Hinkley.

On Gilligans Island what was Gilligans first name?

Mr. Willy Gilligan

On what tv show would you meet professor roy hinkley Mary ann summers and ginger grant?

Gilligans Island

Do they get off gilligans island?


How many castaways on gilligans island?

7 castaways Skipper Gilligan Professor Ginger Mary Ann Mrs. Howell Mr. Howell

How many people were shipwrecked on Gilligans Island?


Bands that sang the ballad of gilligans island?


How long were they stranded on gilligans island?

15 years

The character Gilligan is in which tv show?

Gilligans Island

How long did gilligans island run?


Who plays lovey on gilligans island?

Natalie Schafer

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How many episodesf Gilligans Island?

99 Episodes

Is gilligans island still on TV?

No Gilligans Island is not on TV no more. IF it was id be watching it stil

When did Gilligans Island premiere?

Gilligan's Island premiered September 26, 1964.

Who played gilligan on gilligans island?

Bob Denver play's Gilligan in Gilligan's Island.

Who was the band that landed on gilligans island?

the band was called the mosquito's

When the crew of gilligans island were rescued where did they go?

Probably Honolulu.

What was the professor's real name on gilligans island?

Roy Hinkley.

Who introduced the first episode of Gilligans Island?

Buddy Epsen