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Most modern car bumpers have been made with a specific mix that makes it almost impossible to glue. Many of these products are 'hot air welded' rather than glued.

2013-01-09 20:54:06
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What do you use to attach plastic bumper to bumper?

Super glue

How do you glue lead strips back onto glass that they have become detached from?

Use super glue, or a clear epoxy

Is ELMER'S glue super glue?

NO super glue is not elmers

How do you glue 2 halves of a bottle together?

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What is the difference between glue and super glue?

Super glue is a name of just one type of glue.

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Mitsubishi rear bumper removal?


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What will super glue not do?

Super glue will not stick to polyethylene or CPVC.

How do you get super glue out of glasses?

how do u get super glue out of glasses

What surfaces will glue with Super Glue?

Any smooth, hard surface can be glued by Super Glue.

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Hot glue and super glue are for different uses. Both are good within their use.

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Nail glue IS the so called super glue, crazy glue. The proper name is cyanoacrylic glue.

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can you put super glue on your tounge

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Nail Glue or Super Glue. If your fake nails came with nail glue use that, if not super glue because it is the same thing. Nail Glue=Super Glue (Just in a different package) -Lizzy (The Cat Lady)

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Acetone dilutes super glue... you have to be very careful as it does not take much and can ruin the glue.

Who invented super glue?

Dr. Harry Coover invented super glue

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Hard super glue is no longer usable.