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According to this logic, one could chain an infinite number or sub-panels off of a single one hundred amp feed. The second law of thermodynamics prevents this. An hundred amp service is not capable of powering another hundred amp service unless you are trying to move your panel and all of the circuits it feeds as well, without adding another hundred amp load. NEC (National Electrcial Code NFPA Book 72) states that certain loads can be derated but not to this extent.

As far as the voltage drop is concerned, you need only worry about this with runs of about two hundred and twenty five feet or more for a 200 Amp Service running 2/0 2/0 4/0 URD direct burial aluminum.

What you need is a new 200 Amp service to feed your original 100A panel and another hundred amps to feed your new load.

for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service.Yes you can as long as the feeder to the other 100 amp panel is equal to the ampacity of the breaker. In this case you would need to use a #3 wire rated at 90 degrees C if the distance to the other panel is under 50 feet. If the distance is longer that this a voltage drop calculation would have to be added to increase the wire size.


My experience would lead me to believe that you could not install a breaker that was greater to or equal to the rating of the main breaker. To add a sub-panel, you will need to install a breaker that is half or lower than the main breaker.

In your case, you have a 100A service; you will need to install a 50A or smaller breaker to service the sub panel.

Consult an electrician if in doubt.

If you have any doubts about an answer that you get, check the answerer's bio by clicking on their name to check their qualifications.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized




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Q: If the service panel you have 100A service can you install a 100A circuit breaker in the original panel to feed another 100A add-on panel?
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Can you put 2 20 amp circuits on one 20 amp breaker?

the answer is no period. You will only make this circuit breaker trip more often. you will need to install another 20 amp circuit or install what is called a piggy back circuit breaker. you can may find this at Lowes or Home Depot or better yet take a circuit breaker out of the electrical panel and go to a electrical distributor.

What is a sentence with the words circuit breaker in it?

Example sentence - We hired an electrician to at the circuit breaker and install an updated panel.

What could you install to prevent a parallel circuit from overloading?

you can use a fuse or circuit breaker

What do I do if there is no circuit breaker for outdoor light?

If you have a light that is not being powered through a circuit breaker or fuse, you should call a qualified electrician to remove this circuit from the panel's bus and install a circuit breaker for it. Without an overcurrent protective device (circuit breaker or fuse) you have a potential fire hazard.

What circuit breaker to install for 10 amp 250 volt circuit?

You need a breaker rated for 10 amps and 250 volts. The breaker must also fit properly in your panel.

Can you upgrade a 15 Amps circuit breaker for a 40 Amp for a 8.5 Watt shower?

Not unless you change the wiring for that circuit. The breaker protects the wiring and if you install a 40 amp breaker on a 15 amp wire circuit you will have a fire in your home.

Can you install a 40 amp breaker for a 30 amp?

No. The breaker must protect the circuit components such as wiring, outlets and switches that are connected to the breaker. Therefore if you have a 30 amp circuit as dictated by its components you need to protect it with a 30 amp or less breaker.

How do you replace a 15 amp breaker in the circuit box?

The breaker will have a black wire connected to it. Turn off the main breaker and then disconnect that black wire from the breaker. The breaker will snap into the main bar. Remove the breaker and install the new one. Reconnect the black wire to the breaker and then install the cover and turn the main breaker back on.

If your air conditioner is 120V but the outlet is 240V can you convert from 240V to 120V and how?

If the 220V circuit is dedicated, is to derate the circuit to a dedicated 110V outlet. Replace the 220V breaker with a 110V breaker and install a 110V outlet in place of the 220V outlet. If the original circuit was 20A or greater go with a 20A breaker and a 20A outlet as Airconditioners are fairly large loads. Do not exceed the current rating of the old circuit as that is all the current the existing wiring can handle.

Can you replace a 15 amp circuit breaker with a 20 amp circuit breaker?

The answer is, yes and no. Yes you can physically pull a 15 amp circuit breaker and install a 20 amp circuit breaker into the same slot on nearly all modern electrical distribution panels. No, if the wiring is only 14 gauge then the potential exists to use more amps on the circuit than the wiring was designed for and you could be creating a hazard including fire from hot and shorted lines. A 20 amp circuit require no less than 12 gauge wire. If you are having a problem with a 15 amp circuit breaker that cannot be resolved by replacing the breaker with another 15 amp circuit breaker, it's time to research why the breaker is tripping to start with. If it's tripping because there more than a 15 amp load, it's time to shed some of the existing load on that circuit.

Can you safely install 3 prong plugs with old knob and tube wiring?

Install an AFCI breaker on the circuit with the outlets you replace and you will be fine.

How do you replace a 20 amp double pole circuit breaker?

Turn the main breaker off. Disconnect the two wires connected to the existing breaker. Remove that breaker and install the new one. Connect the 2 wires to the new breaker.

What is a difference between 10KA and 22KA circuit breakers?

The previous answer is incorrect, and I would advise that user to not give out information if they are going to give completely misguided information. The interrupting rating of a breaker is the maximum current that the breaker is designed to handle, at the breaker's rated voltage, before damage will occur to the breaker. A breaker will trip at FAR LESS than the interrupting rating, but it is extremely dangerous to expose the breaker to any situation where it will have more than the rated interruption current. the breaker is designed for. The reason some breakers are rated at 22kA instead of 10kA is because they typically have far larger conductors hooked up to them, so with the lowered impedance on the circuit there is more of a chance for the breaker to experience a higher fault current at the breaker. So electricians install 22kA breakers to handle the higher &quot;available fault current.&quot;

How would you install ge circuit breakers?

There are many ways one can install ge circuit breakers. One can install ge circuit breakers by turning off the power supply, removing the panel cover, testing it for power, and installing it by alining the breaker with the unused panel space.

How do i install a new circuit in a breaker box?

Need more information. If you are still interested open a discussion page.

Can you change a double pole 15 amp breaker into 2 15 amp breakers?

Yes. An everyday occurrence of this circuitry is in your kitchen counter split receptacles. The top half of the receptacle is a 15 amp circuit and from the same breaker the bottom half of the receptacle is another 15 amp circuit. A two pole single handle breaker is a common trip. If one of the circuits fed from the breaker faults the other connected circuit will shut off also. If you are talking about slot position in a breaker panel, you can remove the two pole breaker and install two single pole breakers.

Can you split a double pole 15 amp breaker into 2 single 15 amp breakers?

Yes. An everyday occurrence of this circuitry is in your kitchen counter split receptacles. The top half of the receptacle is a 15 amp circuit and from the same breaker the bottom half of the receptacle is another 15 amp circuit. A two pole single handle breaker is a common trip. If one of the circuits fed from the breaker faults the other connected circuit will shut off also. If you are talking about slot position in a breaker panel, you can remove the two pole breaker and install two single pole breakers.

How do you wire an ark fault circuit breaker?

install breaker in panel and put the hot wire on the breaker and also there should be a place for the neutral on the breaker also both wires will be landed on the breaker in different spots and then take the white wire that is coiled on breaker and land it on the neutral bar

How many 15 amp outlets on 120 volt circuit?

Depends on the size wire used in the circuit. If you wired the circuit with AWG #12 wire on a 20 amp breaker then you can install no more than 12 outlets. If you wired it with AWG #14 wire on a 15 amp breaker then install no more than 9 outlets. This is assuming only outlets are on the circuit and nothing else.

Can you install a light fixture without turning off the circuit breaker?

It is possible, but it is extremely dangerous. You could easily get electrocuted.

How do you install 6 pot lights to one switch?

One 1,000 watt light will push a typical circuit breaker close to its limit. Six such lights will require wiring and circuit breakers to handle the load. Figure one circuit breaker per light. That means not only six switches but six switches, each on a different circuit breaker. Don't overload the wiring or it could cause a fire.

Can you use a circuit breaker as a mean of disconnect?

Yes, but I would not recommend it if you are constantly turning the power on/off. If that is the case install a disconnect.

How do I get 220 volt circuit?

If you need a 220v circuit at only 15 or 20 amps: Get a new breaker to replace your 110v single pole breaker with a 220v double pole breaker. (You cannot exceed the original breaker's amperage rating unless you also replace the wire with a larger size). Shut off the panel's main breaker (the wires coming into the main breaker will remain hot, so don't touch them.) Remove the old 110v circuit's neutral (white) from the neutral bus bar in your distribution panel. Remove the old 110v circuit's hot (black) from the old 110v breaker. Remove the old 110v breaker. Install the new 220v breaker in place of the old breaker. (This may require you to rearrange some breakers if the old breaker was in between others) Reconnect the black wire to one terminal of the 220v breaker, and reconnect the white wire to the other terminal. Turn on the main breaker, and your new 220v breaker. Before you do this, be sure where the actual circuit goes. Changing 110v to 220v if the circuit is feeding regular 110v receptacles will cause damage to devices plugged into them. Be sure you remove all 110v devices (receptacles) from the circuit before converting it. If you need a 220v circuit for a dryer or other large appliance, your existing wiring will not be sufficient to do the above. You will need to install a new breaker and wiring. For this task, you should consult a professional electrician.

A 32A breaker was controlling a lighting circuit but is now on a 6A breaker which is now buzzing what should you do?

Answer for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service.Depending on the load of your lighting circuit. I would measure the current with an inductive amp meter. once you know the current required for your lighting circuit, you then install a circuit breaker which is 15% higher than your load. eg, load is 10A. 10A load + 15 % = 12A breaker (15 A is ok as the breaker is used to protect the wiring and should be rated in consequence of your wiring by 25% less or its current rating, or less, not the load)The humming of your lighting circuit breaker indicates that your breaker is either faulty, or having a difficult time keeping a closed circuit. Or simply that the manufacturer produced a breaker that hums by nature of its construction.

How does circuit breaker or fuse protect the house from fire?

The fuse is matched to the size wire in the circuit the breaker/fuse it is protecting. For instance, a 20 amp breaker/fuse is used in combination with AWG 12/2 wire. A 15 amp breaker/fuse would be used with AWG 14/2 wire. If there is too much current flow in the circuit caused by either overloading the circuit or by a short in the wires the wiring would overheat and catch fire if not for the breaker/fuse. The breaker/fuse is designed to detect this and to trip or blow and shut off all power flowing to that circuit and prevent a fire. This is why you should never install the wrong size fuse. Put a 20 amp fuse on a 15 amp circuit and it would not protect the circuit as it should.