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If the skin on the head of your penis is peeling, you need to see your doctor to figure out what it is. They will be able to help you cure what is wrong.

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Q: If the skin on the head of your penis is pealing is that good?
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What is a Penis skin bridge?

A penis skin bridge is an attachment of the shaft of the penis and the head of the penis.

Can you pull skin over the head of the penis and still be circumcised?

Yes, men who have been partially circumcised are still able to pull the skin over the head of the penis. An uncircumcised man's penis head is generally covered by skin unless he pulls it back, but a circumcised men's penis head is generally uncovered.

What is the piece of skin connecting the penis head to the shaft?

The piece of skin that connects the penis head to the shaft is called the frenulum.

How do you know if you are circumcised?

If the head of the penis always shows when your penis is soft then you are circumcised. If the head of the penis is covered by skin when you are soft then you are intact.

What is the sentence of pealing?

Hie personality was appealing (good) He was peeling an orange (taking skin off)

What does an uncircumcised look like?

Uncircumcised penises have skin that covers the head (glans) of the penis when it is soft. This skin, called the foreskin, can slide back off the head. The foreskin usually slides back when a man's penis becomes erect. If the head of the penis always shows, even when the man is soft and not erect, then he is circumcised. If the penis head is covered when he is soft, then he is uncircumcised.

Does the skin go back when you are circumcised?

No, when a male is circumcised the foreskin is surgically cut off from the penis and then discarded. After circumcision there is no skin left to cover the head of the penis, and so it can't go back. The head of the penis is always exposed.

Why is the skin pealing off both sides of my dog's nose?

That doesn't sound good. I would take the dog to a vet.

What is the difference between peeling and pealing?

peeling as like skin or rind pealing as like sound, noise or music

Small warts of tiny extra skin growing under the penis head on the crumble penis skin?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

What is uncut cork in terms of penis?

a male penis of has a skin that cover the penis head, that extra 'hood' skin is cut during circumcision, the penis is referred to as 'cut' if not circumcised then its called 'uncut'

What is the extra skin around your penis for?

The extra skin is there to protect the head of the penis and it gives the penis more senstivity while having intercouse or oral sex it's always more pleasurable.

Is the skin around the penis supposed to be loose?

In the fist place the skin that sits over the head of the penis Should be ablr to roll back to completely expose the glans at the head of the penis. This section of loose skin is known as the foreskin and it is there to protect the glans of the penis should be able to move back and forth to allow the sensitive surface glans to be exposed during sex.

What process formed the new skin underneath the pealing skin?

regeneration regeneration or dominant trait

How do you pull the skin back on your penis?

cup your hand around your penis close to the head...........tighten, and pull down!

You are 13 how can you tell if iv been circumcised?

on a penis that has been circumcised there is not enough skin to cover the whole of the glans penis. There is also usually a scar surrounding the penis just behind the head where the skin was removed.

How can you tell if a guy has a foreskin or not?

If a man's penis head (glans) is always exposed, even when he is not erect, then he is circumcised, meaning that his foreskin has been removed. If the man's penis head is covered by skin when he is non erect, then his penis is intact The foreskin may slide back, uncovering the head of the penis.

Is it possible to have Pearly penile Papules on the foreskin shaft of your penis?

yes because i know someone who has it under the head of the penis on the lower skin

How can you tell if you've gotten a circumcision?

If you have a flap of skin that covers the tip of your penis, then you are uncircumcised. If the smooth glans (head) of your penis is visible, then you are circumcised.

How does the head of a penis come out?

When a male is sexually aroused, his penis becomes hard and erect. For an uncircumcised male, the head of his penis is covered by loose skin (the foreskin) when it is not erect but when it becomes erect, the loose skin is stretched and so the head (glans) becomes uncovered. Many men are circumcised. That means that for health, hygiene or religious reasons, some of the foreskin that would otherwise cover the glans when the penis is not erect has been surgically removed. For these men, the penis head is mostly visible even if his penis is not erect.

How does a boy know if he was circumcised as a baby?

On uncircumcised boys, skin covers the head of the penis. The foreskin can be retracted (pulled back) to expose the head of the penis. If you do not have foreskin covering your penis, you can reliably feel certain that you were circumcised as an infant. Also, on the side of the penis closest to your body, you can see or feel gathering of skin. That is the healed remains of where the foreskin was cut.

Are foreskin and circumcision the same thing?

No. The foreskin is the part of the skin of the penis that covers the penis head. Circumcision is the surgical operation that cuts the foreskin off the penis.

What is the yellow stuff on your penis when you roll back your foreskin?

This is likely smegma, which is just the normal dead skin cells that fall of your body. Since your penis head is covered, these cells get trapped under the skin. By washing the head of your penis each day in the bath or shower you can prevent the accumulation of any smegma.

Is the outer skin of the penis fixed?

When males are born, there's excess skin on penis, which is why some doctors will recommend circumcision; the removal of excess skin on penis. An uncircumcised man will have the penis head concealed beneath the skin when he's aroused. This restricts the semen from shooting deeper when he ejaculates during coitus. If he has a low sperm count, the excess skin makes it more difficult to produce children.

What does it means if your boyfriend head of hid penis is cracking?

Cracking skin on the head of the penis has the same possible causes as cracking skin elsewhere on the body. It could be due to chemical sensitivities, friction, or skin disorders. He should see his health care provider or local family planning center if the skin cracking is troublesome.