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Remove the door handle in the interior that is attached with a torx bolt, then remove the screws and take the upper panel off that is around the side window, then remove all of the panel screws and unsnap the plastic fasteners on the upper leading edge of the lower panel Remove the lower panel You should now be able to get to the door mechanism as there is a bar that is connected to the door latch that travels back to the latch mechanism. This bar must be pulled forward to unlatch the mechanism Once it is unlatched, you may need to replace the plastic bushing that surrounds the door latch bolt, (this requires unscrewing the bolt with a very large torx bit) or you may be required to replace the latch/unlatch mechanism that mates to the latch bolt Once the door panels are apart, you can place the interior handle back on the door as a means to assist you in freeing the back latch Before you disaaemble the door, You also may want to try pushing gently (to attempt to close) the back portion of the partially latched door with your butt, then try to unlatch the door when it is in the totally latched position by smartly pulling the interior handle open

posted by cabman2000 As a last resort, using a reciprocating saw with a long metal cutting blade. Cut the rear striker being careful not to damage vehicle finish. make sure to leave enough of the stiker to be able to grip it with vise grips. I advise to replace striker and rear latch with new parts and align the door.

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Q: If the sliding door on your 1993 Aerostar van is stuck partially open at the back of the door how do you get the door open to fix it?
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