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This sounds like there are some teeth missing on the flywheel. If the bad spot is positioned over the starter gears, the starter will just spin but if it catches on a good part, it will turn the engine over fine.

Just what the previous answer said. You have some teeth missing on your flywheel. There is probably nothing wrong with any of your starters.

If you have a manual tranny, just put the car in gear and try to push it forward until you fill the flyweel engage with the starter. The car should start then. My 1986 Ford aerostar had the same porblem as stated above and this was an easy solution until I had the time and money to fix it correctly.

2015-07-16 19:32:08
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Q: If the starter will sometimes engage and sometimes just spin when you turn the key is this a sign of a defective starter?
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How can you tell if your starter is going on your car?

Sometimes it will just make a clicking noise when you turn your key but the starter will not engage. Sometimes it will just make a grinding noise and not engage. Sometimes it will crank your motor much more slowly than usual as if your battery was dying. This will continue to get gradually worse until nothing at all happens when you turn your key.

Why does Mazda tribute just click when i try to start it?

Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.

Why doesnt starter engage on 1996 Saturn?

What do you mean when you say it doesn't engage? Is the starter spinning but just doesn't catch to spin the engine? IF that's the case it could be as simple as a loose starter or as bad as a damaged flex plate/flywheel. But it would most likely be the starter.

Why does my1999 van just clicks sometimes when you try to start it and sometimes the starter stays engaged?

sounds like your in the market for a starter.

Why doesn't my starter engage?

Assuming the starter motor spins but doesn't engage to turn engine over to start you could have a bad starter drive which is part of the starter assembly or possibly damaged/missing teeth on flywheel ring gear. Depending on year and model vehicle, some starters you can replace just the starter drive otherwise you need to replace the whole starter.

What is wrong with a car when it wont start just make a grinding sound?

It can be a defective starter assembly that causes this problem. There are two parts to a starter assembly: the starter motor and the starter solenoid. The offending culprit is usually the starter solenoid, and it should be replaced.

1991 gmc van that will not start the battery is fine and the fuel pump turns on with the key and the battery but it just doesnt even engage the starter could the starter or ignition be out?

Most often it is the starter and not the ignition.

What does the fusible link operates off a car battery?

Typically, just about everything except the starter. But then the starter solenoid works off the keyswitch, so the starter won't engage if the fusable like is bad.

What is the name of a little sensor that sits on top of the starter?

if it bolts on the starter assembly you are probably talking about the starter solenoid. basically its what makes the starter engage. if its a sensor that just bolts near the starter it could be anything from a crank position sensor to a knock sensor.

Why is the belt Tensioner defective on 2006 Colbalt?

All parts are not created equal sometimes, apparently you just got a defective tensioner, it should still be under warranty.

Why won't a 1989 Nissan Pickup starter engage?

If the starter 'just spins' it is usually because of a faulty starter drive; sometimes called the starter bendix.It can also be caused by a starter that is tired and no longer has the power to 'throw' the drive against the flywheel. In any case you will need to replace the starter.Price out a low-mile used one from a salvage yard vs a rebuilt one from an auto parts store. I hope this helps you. Mark

What would be the problem when your 2000 Toyota tundra runs hot and the starter just spins and the truck will not start?

If the starter just spins and does not engage then you have low battery or a stuck 'bendix' on the starter. -Running hot is a separate problem that may happen for any number of easons.

Boat starter will not engage up it just spins?

Provided the starter drive is not spun, one of the following areas is probably at fault. A weak battery A poor, or loose connection (at battery, or solenoid / starter). Dirty or rusted starter drive splines. Possibly, but not probable, a faulty starter.

When you try to start your 1997 Toyota Corolla its just clicks what is wrong?

To give a generic answer, it kinda depends on what type of click. If it is a rapid click-click-click-click... it is probably a dead (or near dead) battery. If it is just one solid "click", it is probably your starter. The single click is the sound of the selinoid clicking in to try to engage the starter. If the starter is faulty, it won't engage and turn your engine over to start.

1991 Toyota Corolla sometimes will not start it has power what could it be?

It could just be your starter...

Installation instructions for Harley 2003 Road king starter clutch?

tried to remove starter but shaft and gear seem to be stuck in primary case ..... do I need to open up the primary side to remove, starter just spins but does not engage flywheel.

How do you know whether or not your new starter needs a shim?

Have an experienced mechanic listen to the starter as you engage it and crank the engine over. He can tell if the starter is to tight, to loose or just right. There is a process to measure the correct spacing between the starter drive and the flywheel. Not easily done by a non-mechanic.

Why in 1992 jeep Cherokee Laredo running good but sometimes cranking it starter skips on second attempt it starts?

Most likely one or two teeth on the flywheel are broken or worn down. When by chance the starter is over this point, it can't engage the flywheel enough to turn the motor. It grabs just enough to get it to the next tooth.

Truck not starting just making clicking sounds. the starter has been changed but it still wont start what could the problem be?

Dead or weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective starter solenoid?

Where is starter on Plymouth fury?

The location of a starter on a Plymouth Fury will depend on the year. Most older Plymouth Furys have the starter located just under the driver's side of the motor where the transmission is bolted to the motor. The starter must engage the flywheel and the flywheel is located in the large bell shape of the transmission.

Why does your new starter just click?

1. Battery is weak2. Battery posts are dirty and not allowing good connection3. Wires are not in good condition4. Bad ground to engine from battery5. Wire not tight on starter6. Solenoid is defective (on fords and other cars with separate solenoids)7. Defective starter (even new ones can be. I bought a bad one in Sept.)

Why does car Starter spin but does not engage the engine?

that means the starter needs repair or replacement .usually is just the solenoid on the starter You need this part for Tecumseh starter motor #

On a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme why won't the engine start It isn't the battery or the starter you thought maybe it was the flywheel however you just wanted some other opinions Please help?

If the engine will not turn over, it is either the battery or the starter. Turn on the headlights and then have someone try to start the vehicle while you look at the headlights. If the lights go dim, the battery is bad. If they do not, you have a problem with the starter. Remove the starter and have it tested. The flywheel would only be the problem if you hear the starter engage and spin. That can be a broken tooth on the flywheel, or a bad starter drive gear. If the starter does not engage at all and you hear no click, you may have a bad ignition switch.

Where is the starter in a car?

At the back end of the engine is a large ring gear connected to the engine crankshaft. If there is a starter (some engines do not have starters) it will be mounted in the engine such that the bendix gear of the starter can engage the ring gear and spin the crankshaft. It's called a bendix because it jumps out to engage the ring gear (while the starter motor is running) and retracts off of the ring gear once the engine is running (starter motor no longer running). It is typically access from under the car. If you must replace it, let the engine cool off first. Otherwise the starter will be just as hot as the engine is.

On your 1990 Nissan 4wd hardbody sometimes you have to hit the starter with a 2x4 for the truck to start. What is the problem?

Starter solenoid sticking. Replace the solenoid if it is external. If it is internal, then just replace thee starter. It will cost a little more but you will have a new starter and solenoid.