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No. A perfect game is no runs, no hits, no errors and no walks. I believe that rule stands even if the batter does not reach base on an error.

Opinion .... yes, it's still a perfect game. The definition of a perfect game is one in which no runner reaches first base (any way, hit, error, hit by ball, etc.). On a foul ball error, if the batter does not reach first base (strike out, any other way), he is still just another one of the 27 outs in a perfect game.

Yes. The definition of a perfect game is 27 batters up and 27 batters down without a single batter reaching base safely. An error that does not result in a batter reaching base safely has no bearing on a perfect game.

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Q: If the third baseman drops a foul ball and is charged with an error and the pitcher retires everyone with no one reaching base is this a perfect game?
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