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Honda Man'sAttempting to start an interference engine may result in valve damage, if you suspect the timing belt has jumped or is stripped do not try to start the enine until this is determined.

if you havent removed the distributer from the head it should start if you center the top notch on the distributer with the cylinder head....

How do you know if its the timing or the starter motor, and what mileage did U guys get on the starter motor, mine is playin up but I'm not actually sure if its that our the timing?

If it's off by a tooth or so (on the timing gear), or a few degrees via distributor rotation, it should still start fine, but how well it runs is another matter. I just recently noticed my timing had been off by like 15 degrees for two years--side effect was slight loss of high end power and lousy gas mileage. I noticed a big difference after I got the timing corrected.

>Regarding the starter motor : I had a lot of issues with my original starter, like not starting at all in the cold, even after multiple rebuilds (at $50 a pop). About three years ago, I finally got a remanufactured one from NAPA for $60, it's been working flawlessly ever since.

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Q: If the timing is off will a 1990 Acura Integra start?
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