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2 choices. You send her a certified letter demanding she return the car within 5 days. If she doesnt comply, you report it stolen. Why the letter? Because NOW she has your permission to use it. The letter ends that and puts her on notice that she is keeping the car without your permission. send it return receipt so you have proof that she got the letter. keep a copy of the letter to. You might consider talking to an attorney first in your city. 2. GO steal the car,,,,,,

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Q: If the title to the car is in your name only how do you get it back from an ex-fiancee who refuses to return it?
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If you have already handed over the purchase amount to the seller and you do not have a purchase agreement or a bill of sale then you cannot title or register the car in your name. You may be able to get your money back or hire a lawyer to get it back. If you haven't paid for the vehicle then don't purchase it.

If you have bought a car from a dealership and it's been two months and they still haven't gave you the title. Can you return the car for your money back?

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IF the TITLE is in YOUR name as owner or co-owner, go get it. If you LOANED it to them, you might send a registered letter demanding they return the car and give "X" days to do so. Then you can report it stolen. They cant steal it as long as they have your permission to use it. Check with a local attorney or your DA for state specific advice.

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Why sign the back of the title?

You never sign the back of a title until you sell the vehicle.

You are behind 3 months on your vehicle and able to pay one month now but bank refuses to accept payment and wants car back Is there anything i can do?

Send the payment to them anyway by certified check, in certified, return receipt mail. If they return the check, and they are not likely to, then surrender the vehicle. When they do not return the check, pay the remaining balance in the same way as soon as possible.

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You bought a car from a small dealer who purchased the car from an auction house The owner from the small dealer has passed away and you have never received the title now the title has been turned ove?

If you have the paperwork showing that you paid for the vehicle you should be able to go directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles or whatever it's called in your state, and petition for the title. Altenatively, if they trustee refuses to provide title, you can sue to get your money back from the estate.