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WHAT YOU DESCRIBED IS MOST OFTEN A INTERNALLY DEFECTIVE BULD. (FILAMENT BROKE) CHANGE THE BULB. the multi-function switch has a internal relay that has gone bad.the multi-function needs to be replaced. that is the turn signal switch itself. I concur with the first answer, first. In other words, replacing the bulbs (even if they seem fine) is easy, cheap and often does the trick. The second answer may be correct if the easy first step doesn't fix the problem.

The correct answer is the Lighting Control Module Under Driverside dash (M.F.S.) as stated above is bad. 650-1000$$$

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Q: If the turn signals on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car come on but don't blink is it a blown fuse?
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There are a couple of reasons why the turn signals will not work on a 1998 Ford Explorer. The light bulbs may need replaced or a fuse has blown.

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