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Yes, but only if the instantaneous velocity remains zero during the time inerval. If you are speaking of average velocity over an interval, all bets are off.

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What percentage of time will the population proportion not be found within the confidence interval?

What percentage of times will the mean (population proportion) not be found within the confidence interval?

What does a confidence interval for a population mean constructed from sample data show?

A confidence interval of x% is an interval such that there is an x% probability that the true population mean lies within the interval.

Can the median be determined for any set of interval data?

In principle, yes. It may require interpolation within the central interval.

What if Christine found 23 on the 200 chart 23 is in the interval 20 to 29 What does interval mean?

Interval is the values between 20 - 29; so 23 is within the 20-29 range.

What does a 95 percent confidence interval tell you about the population proportion?

There is a 95% probability that the true population proportion lies within the confidence interval.

How is velocity related to the angle of a slope?

It is not. You can travel at any velocity (within reason) irrespective of the slope.

How "instant" is an instant auto insurance quote?

If there aren't any hitches, you can have everything squared away within a few hours of applying.

When do you use uniform distribution?

When, over a given range, the probability that a variable in question lies within a particulat interval is equal to the size of that interval as a proportion of the range.

What is instantaneous acceleration?

a=dv/dt=d/dt(dx/dt)=d^2x/dt^2Is the rate of a tangent to the slope of a graph signifying velocity versus time. It is a snapshot of acceleration at a precise moment in time based on the relative changes in velocity over time. It is the limit of acceleration for any given point within the displacement vector.Instantaneous acceleration is how fast a velocity is changing at a specific instant.

Units for velocity?

Velocity is a physical quantity that measures the rate of change of a position of an item. The units used for velocity are meters per second within the SI system.

How Instant cameras different from film cameras?

Instant camera uses a type of film that develops within 2-5mins within the exposure. Film camera uses film that are either slides or negatives that need to be developed in a lab.

How long does a credit report take?

If you do it by mail then within a week. If you do it online then it's instant.

In a confidence interval what information does the margin of error provide?

The confidence interval consists of a central value and a margin of error around that value. If it is an X% confidence interval then there is a X% probability that the true value of the statistic in question lies inside the interval. Another way of looking at it is that if you took repeated samples and calculated the test statistic each time, you should expect X% of the test statistics to fall within the confidence interval.

Open ended class within the frequency distribution?

If, in a frequency distribution, the initial class interval is indeterminate at its beginning and/or the final class interval is indeterminate at its end, the distribution is said to possess "open ended" classes.

The percentage that is one standard deviation away from mean?

For normally distributed data. One standard deviation (1σ)Percentage within this confidence interval68.2689492% (68.3% )Percentage outside this confidence interval31.7310508% (31.7% )Ratio outside this confidence interval1 / 3.1514871 (1 / 3.15)

What is the Maximum velocity for diesel?

90 degrees is the maximum velocity for diesel. Diesel is generally any liquid fuel used in diesel engines within vehicles.

Can a car change the direction of its velocity when traveling with a constant acceleration?

Not exactly, it can change a few degrees of its direction, but cannot change its velocity because if it stops, the force of motion that goes with it will demolish the car therefore it cannot change it's velocity.++++???? If you put the question in everyday language, it is asking "Can a car change direction while accelerating?"Yes it can, provided the driver is careful to keep the acceleration and instant speed within safe limits. I emphasise 'speed' because the direction hence velocity - a vector value - is changing.I have no idea of the point about the remark about stopping - the supposed consequences are fiction, and the question is about accelerating.

Where can I get instant auto insurance online?

You can't get "instant" insurance anywhere, but if you use a quote comparison site like esurance, you can generally be up and running within a week once you choose a provider.

Why does the velocity in a river increase?

The velocity of a river will increase if it either has to pass through a narrower space than it has been contained within, or if the level of the land it is flowing over drops.

Does the confidence interval always contain the true population parameter?

No, the confidence interval (CI) doesn't always contain the true population parameter. A 95% CI means that there is a 95% probability that the population parameter falls within the specified CI.

What is the phase of the moon in a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse can only occur within a few hours of the instant of New Moon.

Why bacterial growth is called exponential?

It is called exponential because Growth of a microbial population in which cell numbers double within a specific time interval.

What follow-up is recommended for a BIRADS 3 result from a mammogram?

A follow-up mammogram within a short interval of six months is suggested.

What is countour line interval?

It depends on the scale of the map, the range of values attained within the area of the map, the units of measurement and the accuracy of the contour data.

What is asymmetrical confidence interval?

A confidence interval, for a given probability, is the interval within which the true value may be found with that probability if the null hypothesis is true. There are two possible reasons why a confidence interval may be asymmetrical. One is that the alternative hypothesis is asymmetrical: for example, H0 is X = 5 and H1 is X > 5 (rather than X ≠ 5). The other possible reason is that the test statistic has an asymmetrical distribution. Either of these can give rise to asymmetrical CIs.

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