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If the volume of the smaller rectangular box is 27 in3, what is the volume of the larger rectangular box?

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There is not an instrument designed to measure the volume of a rectangular box. You would use a ruler or tape measure or similar to measure its linear dimensions and a brain to multiply them together.

No box can have a volume of 81 ft because volume cannot be measured in feet.A box with a volume of 81 CUBIC feet could be 1 ft * 1.5 ft * 54 feet.

One way to find out the number of cubes that can fit inside a rectangular box is to use its volume. Knowing the volume of the cubes and that of the box can give an accurate reading of the cubes that can fit.

Measure the length, height and width - then multiply all three figures together to get the volume.

The volume of the larger box is 96.875% more than the volume of the smaller one. It also has 46.1% more external surface area on which to print advertising.

Amount of soil is measured using volume the SI unit for volume is m3

Volume = (length) x (width) x (height) V = L W H

The formula will depend on what it is that you are trying to find: the volume or the surface area.

Imagine you have a small box inside a larger box, the temperatures are the same. If the smaller box contains high pressure gas, and you want to lower the pressure, you open the box. The same amount of gas has now diffused into the larger box. So I guess the answer to your question is that the gas will diffuse.

Using consistent units, the height = volume divided by footprint area (in the case of your rectangular box). so H = V/A

height * width * depth = volume height = volume / (depth * width) Volume = lengthXwidthXheight V=LWH H=V/LW

A rectangle volume is length X width X height = volume The fact its a prism is irrelevant as long as it is a box shape.

It depends on the volume of the box. The bigger the volume, the larger amount of water that will be displaced.

Multiple length by width by height....for example a box 1 foot in each dimension has a volume of 1 cubic foot

The same way you measure the volume of any other box, or any other rectangular prism: -- Measure the length. -- Measure the width. -- Measure teh height. -- Multiply (length) x (width) x (height). The product is the volume of the box.

The volume of ANY solid with linear sides is calculated in the same way. LENGTH x WIDTH x DEPTH! volume of the liquid = (length X breadth X height) of the rectangular box length x width x height = volume 12 inches x 6 inches x 8 inches = 576 cubic inches

You didn't give enough information. By box do you mean cube or any rectangular prism?

That depends on what the question is. If you want the area of a rectangle, you simply multiply length x width. But with a rectangular box, to know the volume for example, you need three numbers (length, width, height).

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