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You can run the filter, however, you should drain some water out for maximum use, the skimmer will not skim the pool if the water level is to high. go to www.askpoolquestions.com for more info.

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Why am I hearing the water going into sand filter and heater and skimmer isn't filling completely with water still has whirlpools?

The sound you hear is probably air mixed with the water. The skimmer isn't filling completely because there is not enough water in the pool

Skimmer has no suction for your kreepy krauley to work?

Empty the pump basket of debris. When was the last time that you cleaned the filter? If after cleaning the filter it still does not work then contact me on my Message Board for further details. kbattle39 k

Do you remove skimmer basket for vacuuming a pool?

No leave it there otherwise all the leaves and rubbish will end up in the hair filter in front of the pump or worse still in the pumps impeller if you don't have a hair filter.

Do you backwash your pool before you put chemicals in?

No you only backwash your pool when your filter pressure on your filter is high 30psi and above on most pools. If you backwash your pool be sure to add two scoops of de to your skimmer. If the presure is still high the u need to clean the filter

Why are small insects not filtering out of your swimming pool?

If bugs are'nt filtering out of your pool and you have a filter, obviously your filter is'nt working. Hope this helped. Bugs will naturally swim away from a strong current that is drawing them to a certain point. If the bug is not drawn into either the skimmer or the main drain grate they will never get to the filter. Even then, they will get caught in the skimmer basket or the pump basket. The filter is not intended for catching the bugs - that is what leaf skimmers are for. If thebug is on the bottom of the pool you can then vac it up but still it will only go as far as the pump basket.

When using a solar blanket can you still run your pool?

Yes, you can. The water still circulates into the skimmer and out of the outlet. Most circulation occurs below the surface so the blanket doesn't affect it. You may find that filtration is slightly less effective because the blanket stops surface debris from reaching the skimmer.

Where do you attach the vacuum hose to vacuum the pool?

Attach the hose to the side skimmer basket with a special plastic adaptor that fits in your size skimmer. Types of skimmers: Brands: Purex, Anthony, American Products, Pentair, Hayward are major names. Hum, not inside the skimmer basket but under it. There you will find either a disc type object much like a flying saucer. Then under that there will be 2 holes. The one, if you are looking down into the skimmer from the deck side of the pool, to back side of the skimmer - 0 0 < that one - closest to you is the suction part of the skimmer. Your hose is pushed into this hole after filling the hose with water. The "adapter" is another type skimmer as stated above that you can rotate to the left or right to achieve optimum skimmer suction. With a single hole skimmer - that hole is the suction for the vac. You just have to plug the second skimmer if you have one. Still, there is another with a hole in the side wall of the skimmer near the bottom of the skimmer. This is also the vac hole. With it you plug yoyr vac into it and then close a valve that controls the main drain. You have to remember when you are finished vacing pool you then open the main drain valve. The latter one is a quite old system made by or used by Anthony Pools. k

Why won't my transmission go into gear?

Check the fluid level first. Then change the filter if it has one and if still not working take it in to get checked out by a transmission specialist.

Do cigarette filters filter out THC?

They filter out some THC, but they do not filter out the entirety of it. A sizable portion still makes it past the filter.

If you have a saltwater system that produces its own chlorine do you still need to have a chlorine tablet in the skimmer at all times like a standard system?

No you do not.The only chlorine you will use in a salt system is a shock.But even then you should use only a NON-Chlorine shock.And by the way Chlorine in your skimmer is a very bad Idea, The high concentration of chlorine going straight to your equipment (pump,heater,filter)will shorten it's life considerably. Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

Where is the transmission filter located on a 1990 acura integra ls?

There is no filter in a manual tranny. if you have an automatic there is still no removable filter in it.

Can guppies live without a filter?

They can but when you have a filter they can live up to 3 years longer, but they still can live without a filter.

You just vacumned the pool and the pressure is at zero It will not go back to the usual 4-5 lbs you checked the skimmer and it is still sucking What could be the problem?

When the pressure shows 0 it means that the water is circulating as well as it can the pressure goes up as the filter gets dirtier and water is held back by the filter. If your pressure has suddenly dropped Far lower then usual it indicates that there is a problem in the filter. water is getting through somehow without being filtered. if you have a cartridge filter there may be same damage to it reducing back pressure.

How do you vacuum with a Clear Water Cartridge Filter?

The only way I was able to vacuum with a cartridge filter was to cut the PVC piping between the filter and the pump and install a tee that would accomodate a backwash hose. On the return line I installed a ball valve to divert the water without going back into the pool. Hope this helps. ANSWER:: If you have a pool pump and a swimming pool cartridge filter and possibly a heater the plumbing to and from the equipment pad should be connected on the suction side of the pump to the skimmer. On the discharge side of the filter or heater that pipe goes back to the pool. Your pool vac head and hose should connect into the skimmer at some point inside the skimmer to be able to vac the pool. You have to attach the vac head to a telepole, connect your vac hose to the vac head, feed the hose into the water thus filling the hose - until you reach the loose end of the hose. Place the palm of your hand over the loose hose end while it is still under water - trapping the water in the hose- then while hand still on hose end place that end into the skimmer pulling your hand away just before you plug it into the skimmer hole. At this point your should have some sort of suction at the vac head. It may or may not have much suction depending on how the system is plumbed and at what hp the pump is rated. In other words a 1/8th hp will not produce the suction that a 1/2 hp or 3/4 hp will. If this does not work for you and you don't have those tools as described above you then may resort to a vac that will work off your garden hose -- if you have enough water pressure. The more water pressure the better. k

When you change the fuel filter will car still start and cut off?

if changing the fuel filter, and it still stalls out. you have a problem with the fuel not getting to engine.

What is wrong when fuel leaks out after filter replacement?

The filter does not have a good seal. If it is a pressurized system remove the filter clean the lines and filter clips and reinstall. If it still leaks then you may have a bad filter.

What if you changed the transmission filter and it still won't move when it's in drive?

without a detailed question, i can only assume that the transmission has went out, either that, or the transmission fluid level is low.

Put in new fuel filter and car still will not start?

Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.

Do you recirculate or filter after placing chemicals in pool?

Filter it, you need something to catch all the organisms your killing. The filter pump will still recirculate.

How do you clean the lint pot on your pool without having water gush in?

Works easier if you have two people. Pull out the basket and then either re-attach the lid/seal, or have someone hold it in place while you clean the basket out. Even though the water gushes out, this process will still keep enough in, so your filter wont run dry. I had to come back and give a better answer. Over-heard someone talking about this very problem, while at the local pool store. Locate your "diverter valve." Which controls...full skimmer, 1/2 skimmer or main drain. Mine just refers to them as "Port 1" or 2. Anywhooo.....You can also turn it to OFF. Turning this valve to off, will stop all water flow. I came home and tried it, and it works. Of course none of my manuals says a word about this. If your doing it by yourself use a tennis ball to clog the filter. Then the only water that will gush out is the water that is left in the filter. leave the pump running, therefore the water will continue to flow through the lint pot: you might have to turn it off to remove the lid,to release the suction ANSW:: If you are all talking about the pump basket. That part which is located in front of the motor. Always turn the pump off but before doing so, reach over and release any air entrapped in the filter thru the air relief valve on top of the filter. No gushing - no water splash out - unless the pump is below water level. Then you need a gate valve - preferable a ball valve installed before the pump inlet. If you are talking about the skimmer at the edge of the pool -- just open the lid on the top of the skimmer if it has one or reach in thru the throat to pull out the skimmer basket. This can be done while the pump is running. k

Do you need chlorine with a sand filter for the pool?

wil i still use chlorine with a sand filter pump

How do you fix the problem if even after replacing the sand in your pool filter the skimmer basket still blows out with water about 8 ft high when you turn the pump off?

I think the only thing that causes water to shoot back is when air has been pulled into the filtration system. This usually happens on the suction side, between the skimmer and the pump. The air will accumulate in the top of the filter. It is subject to the same amount of pressure as the water in the system, but air will compress and store the pressure, like in an air tank. When the pump is turned off the air expands back to it's original volume, pushing out the water in the tubes connected to the filter. But an 8 foot spray sounds like a lot of pressure! Check the pump basket lid seal/o-ring for leakage. Watch it when you switch off the pump. If the water in the basket disappears, the problem is air in the filter. With the pump running, check to be sure the hose from the skimmer is not collapsing. Also if there is a tube on the return side of the system that is not in use and is capped at the pool, it may be filled with air and storing the pressure. I can't think of anything else. Good luck. One other thing. After you replaced the sand in the filter, did you run the pump with the valve in the backwash position for about 2 minutes to purge the air from the filter?

Why does the low oil level warning light keep appearing for a couple of seconds even though oil level is on max?

The light does not warn you of low oil level it warns you of low oil pressure. You are experiencing low oil pressure for whatever reason. Change the filter to a quality filter such as Purolator, Wix, or Bosch. Make sure you are using the weight of oil recommended by the manufacture. If you still have low oil pressure, have this looked at by a professional.

Why is Oil leaking from tight new filter like their is no filter on it at all?

Two things come to mind; 1 the old rubber filter seal is still on the motor, or 2 the new filter does not have the seal on it.

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