If the world did not revolve around money would it be a better place?

Yes, in fact, the Bible says 'Money is the root of all evil' and it sure is. However, knowing humans as we do it would always be something else that would take it's place because there will always be power and greed. While it is possible for money to be used as merely a vehicle of reward for effort and a means of obtaining what we need, we all know that doesn't just happen - human nature being what it is. Money- and more to the point the love of it - tends to highlight the human faults of selfishness, greed,and general 'me first' attitudes all of which, as mentioned above , would not disappear from the human heart should the monetary system itself vanish Even cultures with no formal monetary system have the same basic problems. It's part of our human condition - which is not to say that we can't individually choose a better way!