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ask him out or maybe he will ask you out you just have to wait and see

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if youre talking about jealousy with a bff not a boyfrien girlfriend thing, you should adreess ur friend and say theres no need to be jealous of me and i am a human just like you and we share the same things.

oh woww, i dont kno about you but this drives me crazy!haha, like mostly hes probably wondering what youre thinking about and if you really like him.and if youre dating, its probably hes like i dunno how i got this lucky(:

just tell him and wish the best theres nothing that can go wrong with them telling them even if they are dating anybody or not dating anybody so just be honest with them and if your true friends it shouldn't matter they will always be there for you )

you should get youre rabbit vaccnate about every year. it is very important to do so evern if youre rabbit is an indoor rabbit because deiseses like vhd are airborn you should get youre rabbit vaccnate about every year. it is very important to do so evern if youre rabbit is an indoor rabbit because deiseses like vhd are airborn

theres a guy at school you like but hes dating your friend how do you tell him you like him without hurting your friend but you know that he hates you

* so? * youre such a loser why did I bother talking to you * at least im not/dont ____________ * whatever * do I look like I care * you are * youre face is * yea and look up _____ in the dictonary and theres a pic of your face * stupid

it depends on why you dont like the person they are dating and why they do, you should also try and see why they do what they do that you dont like about them.

Is this guy worth your relationship with your best friend? Think about the consequences of dating this guy and what could happen if you find out he was just flirting with you.

Theres no reason not to like someone you like .

You should continue dating them if you like them, and if you do not want to continue, let them know. There's nothing special to know about dating a red haired person since they are people like everyone else.

aurevoir (if youre saying bye) par(if youre saying by like if youre writing a story)

Maybe your subconcious is picking up on something that you arent. Maybe theyve been trying to get you to like them, and youre wondering what it would be like. Maybe youre just curious about what it would be to like someone different. Maybe you do like them and are in denial. Theres really no way to be sure about a dream translation, but you should probably try to involve that person in your life. (Without telling them about the dream. That would probably freak them out.)

well theres nothing wrong with dating certain guys. although some may disagree, attraction is one of the most important aspects in a relationship. its seems like youre attracted to blonde guys, and theres nothing wrong with that. but, be careful, you dont want physical to distract you from who a person really is on the inside

Michael Angarano. But she shouldn't be. She should be dating someone like Rob Pattinson!

When you figure out which one you love more, go out with that one.

Start off by dating casually, then if she seems to like you too, you can take the relationship further. But if she's not interested in you, definatly continue to be friends with her as if nothing happened because she will then be more likely to fall in love with you.

well if you are dating them you should do it in a way that you know they will like if you are not dating them I would stay away from that one.

It doesnt mean you like them because i have dreams all the time of random girls im dating. I think if youre dreaming about them it means you've been thinking alot about them. But if you havent i don't know were it came from.

tell them and make sure they know how much you despise it and they should understand

im sorry but i dont think its a coincidence that you are dating him. i really think you should talk to the guy youre dating and be straight up with him. but before you do that, talk to your mom and ask for her input. chances are, she will have alot to say. hope i helped!

I am 11 and I have a boyfriend, theres nothing wrong with it. We kiss hug just like older children, theres nothing wrong with it

If you really like him and your parents are okay with you dating then yes go for it!

Well if you are dating this boy doesn't it mean that you like each other? When your going out with someone then he tells people that you like him that should be fine because everyone probably knows that you like him because your going out with him!

theres no place like home theres no place like home theres no place like home

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