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YES...most likely you have a blown head gasket.

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Sign of knock sensor going bad?

the only sign is if it goes bad it should trigger the check engine light, you wont notice loss in peformance in engine. all it does is when there is a knock in a cylinder, from bad fuel, it leans back on fuel to stop the knock.

What causes the opel astra to over heat?

that's a bad sign of engine trouble.

How do you know if the water pump is bad on your 2001 Subaru Outback?

A good sign of a water pump going bad is noise. It usually makes a grinding sound. Another sign is antifreeze leakage around the water pump. Some manufacturers put a small hole on the top side of the pump so that when the bearings fail coolant leaks out from this hole. Another good sign is high water temp gauge. When the water pump goes bad it fails to do its job of pumping coolant through the engine, hence the high water temp gauge. Hope this helps.

What will a bad intake gasket do?

It can allow water to mix with the engine oil and destroy the engine.

Can you blow engine from bad water pump?

If you allow the engine to overheat severally, yes.

Can you still drive your car if the water pump is bad?

You can not, and should not drive a car that has a bad water pump. The water pump pumps coolant through the engine. You engine will overheat and die without a functioning water pump.

What are the signs of a bad catalytic converter 2005 Chrysler pacifica?

Usual first sign is a check engine light with a code P0420.Usual first sign is a check engine light with a code P0420.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1998 ford ranger and theres nothing wrong with the engine?

If the check engine light is on, there's something wrong with the engine. Or, the computer is bad. One or the other. They don't set a light for no reason.

2000 Ford Expedition engine cuts off without warning?

That is a sign of a bad fuel pump

Will a bad water pump make a vehicle run bad?

No. A bad water pump can make a rumble noise and leak coolant which may lead to the engine overheating.

Is it Bad or good to drive with busted freeze plugs?

Bad. The engine water system is not properly pressurised and will boil up. Can cause serious engine damage.

Is milky oil a bad sign?

yes it is a bad sign

Why does your engine coolant smell like oil and gas?

You may need to have your engine compression tested. To make sure it's not mixing your oil and coolant together. This will be a sign of a bad head or bad head gasket.

Will a bad water pump cause a 97 dodge advener to not run?

Typically no but if you ran an engine long enough with a bad water pump catastrophic damage could occur to the engine to prevent it from running again.

What are the sings of a 2002 crown Victoria fuel pump is going bad?

Well, one sign would be that the engine turns but does not fire, or engine stalls here and there.

Why would your engine run hot up to the red line but the coolant level is full?

There are a few possible reasons; A bad thermostat will not allow the water into the engine. This is the most likely. The radiator could be clogged and not allow the water to circulate and cool off The engine itself could have water line clogged A bad water pump

How do you check if water pump works?

To the best of my knowledge, if the pulley is turning when the engine is running and there are no leaks from the water pump, it should be fine. A2: It shouldn't make a squealling sound , either. It can work passably and still have a bad bearing and/or seal. A bad bearing, though it may not leak, is a sign of imminent failure.

How do you know if your heater core is bad?

The first sign that a heater core is bad is the lack of heat from the blower motor on a vehicle. The second sign that a heater core is bad is water on the floor of the passenger side foot well on a vehicle.

Water pump for 96 Cadillac deville?

The water pump is on the front of the engine. If the pump goes bad, the engine can over heat causing severe damage.

What could be causing a 1998 Chevy Blazer to be sputtering while driving?

Water in fuel system, bad wires , distributor cap, spark plugs, theres a lot of things that could cause this problem, Is your check engine light on, If so you need to have the engine scaned to see what the code is and then go from there. Hope this helps.

Engine damage due to bad water pump?

your question is vague but if you mean is there engine damage caused by a bad water pump it depends on a few things did you over heat and how long did the motor run after no coolant in it so you could damage engine due to that but it all depends

Diesel leaking into the engine oil on astra van?

Sign of bad rings or excessive fuel in cylinders. Check compression.

What are the Signs of a bad relay starter switch?

The most tell-tale sign is a single click when you try to start the engine.

How do you know if water pump is bad is it easy to change?

No water pump is easy to change. You know it is bad if it is leaking, noisy, or if there is no flow of water when looking into the radiator with the engine running. Replace the thermostat at the same time as the pump if it is bad.

What causes Milky oil in kx100 crank case?

it would be caused by getting water in the engine make sure your radiator has fluid/water . If it doesn't then your water pump is bad. Which means your getting water in the engine...