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A soul mate is more than attraction, it is friendship, partnership and you feel as if this other person is your other half.

Being attracted to other people or having that attraction towards others is normal, but feeling the urge to meet them and have a relationship is not (if you have supposedly found your soul mate).

AnswerFrom my perspective, there is no such thing as a soul mate--there are any number of people you can have a great connection and relationship with, depending on what stage in your life you meet them. Human beings aren't perfect in meeting their own needs or perfectly suited to meet another person's needs, it takes friendship, patience, maturity and understanding.

Even in the healthiest relationship, people will still find you attractive and you will on ocassion find someone attractive as well--you just won't feel the need to seek someone else out for sex or companionship.

AnswerI just want to add that soulmates aren't necessarily boyfriends/girlfriends or fiances or husbands/wives!!They may be a friend or a relative..
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Q: If there are such things as soul mates why are there many people attracted to you and vice versa when you're with your soul mate?
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