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Be honest that you really enjoy being his friend, but you don't have any romantic feelings for him. You can't prevent his feelings from being hurt in this situation. This will possibly affect your friendship, at least for awhile. He may be too angry, hurt or uncomfortable to be close friends with you. Make it clear that you still want to be his friend, but give him space.

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Q: If there is a guy that you like as a friend but he likes you more and has fallen out with you because you've been giving him the idea that you fancy him what should you do?
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If you have fallen for a good friend then the best thing to do would be to talk to them about your feelings. If you are really close, then even if it doesn't work out or they don't feel the same way, you should still be able to be friends. As I personally have fallen for a very good friend, I realize that it may be uncomfortable to talk to them about this. If they are really your friend then they will stick by you. Don't be nervous. Tell them how you feel!

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I suggest that you tell him, and see what he thinks about it.

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