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no to what? no to the registration or no to the registration and ticket? they can't register the car if there is a ticket on it. so who would oay for it? the people who buy it at an auction or the finance company or the person who owned the car. someone has to pay for it. in California when a car is repoed or sold the title is transfered to the person who bought it (i.e. the finance company, cause they repoed it) and in turn, they are responsible for all fees associated with the car, so who pays for it? don't fell like the question was answered properly or accurately enought with just a no.

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Q: If there is back registration and a ticket on a repo car does the finance company pay for both or just the back registraion in California?
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Can car registration be put in different name than finance company?

Yes. The finance company is the lien holder, therefor they are the tilte holder. General you can put whoever you want on the registration.

How can you find finance company to a abandoned car?

Leinholder if any will be on has no registration

Can a finance company repossess a car in California if they are not on the registration?

two choices here. they have the VIN mixed up with yours OR they have purchased the loan contract from the original lender. Contact the lender and find out.

Can a finance company change your registration when trying to repossess your car?

Is it legal to? NoIs it possible to? NoThe finance company does not have possession of the vehicle so can do nothing with the paperwork on that vehicle until the do secure possess of it.

Can your finance company put a hold on car registration if you still owe money?

No of course not car registration is the state that has nothing to do with your bank or lender one has nothing to do with the other

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Can you put registration on your can when owe finace on it?

Yes, you will need to have a registration on your car when you owe money (have finance) on the car.

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Can a loan holder prevent plate renewal and registration if you are behind on car payments Also does the finance company get a copy of the registration once it has been renewed?

No to both questions. But the repossession agent has access to all that information and then some.

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