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If the rings are completely worn out they can put more preasure in the crankcase than the pcv can handle. Have it checked out.

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Q: If there is crankcase pressure on a 1989 Volvo 740 why would there be no vacuum in the motor?
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What causes pressure to come out the oil fill hole?

One possible cause is a blocked PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. As your motor is running the crankcase will build with pressure and the PCV system will let the motor breathe. If the PCV valve is blocked or faulty then the motor will look to release the pressure somewhere else.

What will high oil pressure do to 2002 5.3 Chevy motor?

split open the crankcase

Why does pressure build up in block and force motor oil out the rear seal?

your pcv valve or hose is restricted causing excessive crankcase pressure

What is the 1989 Volvo 240 canister mounted to the firewall next to the wiper motor on my station wagon?

Cruise control vacuum reservoir

What causes mass pressure in lower end of car motor blows out dip stick out?

Plugged positive crankcase ventilation valve or collasped hose for the PCValve.

How do you recharge AC 1988 Volvo DL?

run motor and set A/C on max, blower on full, pull a vacuum on the system and recharge with R12a 2.9Lbs

What do you mean by pcv in motor vehicle?

PCV is positive crankcase ventilation

What is the drain plug under motor on fxr for?

If it's the stock motor, there is no drain plug under the crankcase. If it's aftermarket there might be a plug to drain oil from the crankcase, which would seldom if ever be necessary.

What if you put to much oil in your landcruiser?

Putting too much oil into any motor increases the pressure in the crankcase,and can blow seals and gaskets.Draining oil to suitable level is strongly advised.

Which type of motor is used in vacuum cleaner?

universal motor

What is the purpose of the PCV valve in a jeep wrangler Rubicon?

Pressure control valve controls the crank case vacuum pressure . It's important keeps ur motor from building up to much pressure an blowing out the seals

What is the BHP on a Scania R470 and a Volvo FH?

The "470" in "R470" refers to the horsepower rating of the motor. The Volvo FH is available with a number of powerplants, up to and including the 640 horsepower Volvo motor. You'd need to specify which powerplant was in the Volvo FH.

Where can you find a Volvo starter for a 2006 Volvo 780 with a Volvo tractor motor?

Volvo dealership. Have fun with that... if you've never taken off a Volvo starter, you could be in for a lot of excitement.

Why was John Thurman's motor driven vacuum cleaner important?

it is so important because with out a motor driven vacuum it would be harder to vacuum clean also how would you clean without a vacuum cuz using a broom is hard

Who owns Volvo company?

ford motor co

What kind of crankcase oil do you put in a 95 rm 80?

10W-40 motor oil

Where is oil filter on 1999 BMW R1200C?

Under the motor, tucked up inside the crankcase.

Where would you find an electromagnet in a vacuum cleaner?

The motor in a vacuum cleaner is an electromagnetic device.

How do you check your crankcase oil on your 91 Kawasaki 650 Jet Ski?

There is no oil in the crankcase. It is a two stroke motor. It either has an oil pump for injection or uses pre-mix fuel

What cause crankcase back pressure in a four stroke outboard motor?

All four-stroke engines have crankcase back pressure because gases blow by the piston rings. They used to just drill a hole in the crankcase to let it out; when the government figured out this was a major source of pollution, they required the gases be captured and burned. To make this work, the hole is fitted with a one-way check valve and a hose. The hose is routed to the air intake on the carb or fuel injection. This is called "positive crankcase ventilation" (or "PCV") because the intake system's vacuum sucks the gases out of the crankcase. The valve is there for safety reasons: if the engine backfires through the carb, the PCV valve keeps your engine from exploding - which happened before the PCV system was invented. If you're getting back pressure, this system isn't working. And the problem's usually that the PCV valve is clogged or stuck shut. They should be replaced every year at the start of boating season, but since yours is clogged replace it now. If you pay $10 for one you went to a really expensive store.

Why would a 1990 prelude 2.0s die right after starting when pressing the gas solid but work when tapping the gas?

Don't take my answer for the real thing. From my understanding, those 2.0S motors (carbs) have many pressure and vacuum lines going to AND from the motor. If for any reason, there is a break in any of the lines, the motor will not function properly. in this case, when you stab the gas and hold it, the motor needs to build up pressure in order to increase RMP's. My suggestion, check your vacuum lines.

Is the 240 Volvo engine an interference fit motor?


How do you replace the starter motor on a 1990 Volvo 240 DL?

Begin by removing the positive cable from your 1990 Volvo 240 battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter motor. Remove the starter motor retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new starter motor.

Why would your vents blow air through the defroster but not through the dash?

Some of the air handling dampener motors are vacuum controlled and some have a small electric motor. If it's a vacuum controlled dampener, you probably have a vacuum leak, faulty vacuum diaphragm or disconnected vacuum line. If it's an electric dampener motor you have a bad connection, faulty feedback switch or faulty motor assembly.

Why would the pool vacuum lose pressure?

I'm having the same problem. What seems to be happening with my filter system is the motor itself is more powerful than the vacuum hose can suck, the motor gets starved for water and loses pressure. I try to compensate for this by placing the 'dish-lid-thingy' (sorry I don't know the actual name) a little askew. If I can get this just right, what the motor is unable to suck thru the hose, it can also suck in thru that sliver of a gap the the skimmer box.