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The other person becomes solely responsible, if one party has filed bankruptcy and is no longer responsible for it. If both parties file bankruptcy within a relatively short time of each other then neither of you will be responsible for the amount owed. * The exception would be if the judgment has been "perfected" as a lien against real property. In such a case the judgment creditor becomes a secured creditor and the judgment will not be dischargeable under bankrupcy law.

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Q: If there is more than one name on a judgment what would happen if you filed bankruptcy on it?
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Can a judgment be collected from a dissolved corporation?

The judgment would have to be presented to the bankruptcy court. Wow! Who mentioned bankruptcy? This is a money judgment against a admin dissolved corp. If bankruptcy had been filed the judgment, if listed, would be discharged and worthless.

If a lender is already in bankruptcy can they still file a deficiency judgment against you in the state of Florida?

Unclear whether the deficiency would be filed by the lender or by the trustee of the bankruptcy estate.

Can a mortgagor still file a deficiency judgment on you after you file bankruptcy?

a deficiency judgment should be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. You should file after you receive the judgment.Im pretty sure this debt would be classified as a unsecured debt.Also, I could be wrong but if you have already filed a bankruptcy then the lender foreclosed and there is a deficiency , the bankruptcy would prove you were insolvent.I think you only have 90 days after you first file.Again I could be wrong. a deficiency judgment should be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. You should file after you receive the judgment.Im pretty sure this debt would be classified as a unsecured debt.Also, I could be wrong but if you have already filed a bankruptcy then the lender foreclosed and there is a deficiency , the bankruptcy would prove you were insolvent.I think you only have 90 days after you first file.Again I could be wrong.

How can a civil judgment be placed after bankruptcy Mortgage included in bankruptcy and after discharge bank filed civil judgment for amount of mortgage Can they do thid?

Assuming a Chapter 7 was filed, if you did not surrender the property to the bank, the bank would file for relief from stay and be able to pursue foreclosure. If you surrendered the property, the mortgage balance was discharged and the bank was in violation of the automatic stay. A notice of the bankruptcy should have been filed with the court the bank sued you in. You cannot ignore legal procedures taken against you after a discharge. You have to respond appropriately.

Can a collector who bought your account from the creditor be awarded a lawsuit judgment if the debt was included in your bankruptcy?

There is something amiss here, a debt that is discharged in bankruptcy is no longer collectible. Therefore a lawsuit could not be filed and won nor a judgment awarded to the plaintiff pertaining to such a debt. The involved party should contact the attorney that handled the bankruptcy and have the judgment voided if it is indeed invalid. It would be advisable to acertain if the debt was discharged rather than excluded from the bankruptcy or perhaps sold previous to the filing of the petition.

I am going into a bankruptcy in app 1 month the bank wants to reposses the car if I surrender the car before the bankruptcy is filed will it show up as a repo or go under the bankruptcy?

It will show up as both. If the bank auctions off the car, they may come after you for a deficiency judgment. Any chance of them coming after you would be taken care of in the bankruptcy.

When answering a deficiency judgment complaint can you also ask for dismissal of the case based on personal insolvency?

Insolvency is not a defense to a complaint for a foreclosure deficiency. If you have filed bankruptcy and the debt was discharged, that would be a defense.

When you marry someone who has filed bankruptcy do you also take on the bankruptcy?

No, however the person's bankruptcy would be a contributing factor if the couple applied for joint credit such as a morgage.

How do you prove that you are not bankrupt?

If one files for bankruptcy in the United States, you do not have to prove that you are, and you do not have to be insolvent. Therefore, you are bankruptcy in a legal sense if you filed for bankruptcy. If you want to prove that you are NOT bankrupt all you have to show is that you have not filed for bankruptcy. If you meant insolvent, rather than bankruptcy, to prove that you are not insolvent you would have to show that your income exceeded your debts.

You were going to file bankruptcy but did not. However it is on your credit report anyhow What can you do We never met a judge never filed anything?

Why "however?" Obviously, you can do one of three things: 1. pay the judgment, interest, etc.; 2. negotiate a settlement with the judgment creditor;, and 3. file bankruptcy. The judgment will stay on your credit report for at least 10 years (20 in some states, and renewable in others for an additional 10 years). The bankruptcy would have been on your report for 10 years from the date of filing. Go ahead, believe the corporate "financial analysts" on CNN and the networks who tell you NOT to file bankruptcy. It certainly helps them keep their jobs.

Can a judgment on a business be discharged in bankruptcy?

I would need more information about the type of business and if the judgment was separate from your personal debt. Typically, a judgment is classified as a nondischargeable debt in bankruptcy proceedings and will remain with you until you pay it and including during the process.

Do creditors get money from settlement if no claim was filed during bankruptcy?

They would legitimately be entitled to be a party to the settlement but would need to apply to the bankruptcy administrator for consideration in this instance.

Can you take the FINRA exams if you filed bankruptcy?

yes but that would be stealing unless you paid for it

Can you declare bankruptcy on a judgment for a car accident and if so would you be able to get a license again if it was revoked as a result of the judgment?

No, judgments awarded due to personal injury or property damage are not dischargeable under bankruptcy law.

Would our judgment awarded by courts prior to defendants chapter 13 bankruptcy take precedent to the assets before the assets are taken in the bankruptcy?


What did chanel west coast get arrested for?

Chanel West Coast has never been arrested. Recently, she has filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy would be the only reason she has been in court.

Where would you find records of past car loans which was finance by Bank One then loan went into bankruptcy and paid out by bankruptcy?

Try searching your credit report for info. Last resort would be to go to Lawyer that filed your bankruptcy.

How do you remove a judgment that was included in a discharged bankruptcy?

The question is what kind of judgment. If it is a judgment lien on property you would have to specficially have the Court void the lien. Mere discharge does not eliminate a valid lien. If you didn't own real property at the time of bankruptcy, generally, a judgment lien cannot attach post-filing. There is no need to eliminate this lien because it is void.

Can your ex come after you for a loan that he had to pay since you filed bankruptcy?

If you handled your BK correctly no, as he/she would be a creditor listed and whose debt is dismissed in the bankruptcy by the court too.

Can your motor vehicle license be suspended if you have a judgment against you in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can settle, make payments, file bankruptcy or move to a state that the DMV does not recognize the judgment. Many states are creating legislation to block their states from a national DMV. Bankruptcy is not good for the judgment holder since they would see nothing as far as money, so settling is in your favor. Also bankruptcy will muck up your credit for years.

Has delightful deliveries NY filed for bankruptcy?

I would like to know the answer to that as well They owe our company lot of money, and we cannot locate them. I understand has filed a suit against them.

Is filing bankruptcy on your home considered a foreclosure?

No. Foreclosure is a specific action that would be filed in a county court. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would give the mortgage lender the right to file the foreclosure after the bankruptcy case is closed, unless you reaffirm the mortgage debt with the lender.

If you filed bankruptcy in Dec of 2004 can you get your refund that has already been taken for 2002?

No, the IRS will get to keep it. And, even if you could get it back, the bankruptcy trustee would probably take it to distribute to your creditors.

Can you be employed with a bank after claiming bankruptcy?

Yes you can. There is no legal base for a Bank to fire you for filing bankruptcy..... Filing bankruptcy is not a crime..... I even know people that got hired to work at the Bank after they had filed Chapter 13. I had to file chapter 13 after my divorce and got a raise couple months later at the bank. Not because I filed bankruptcy or because they would have felt sorry for me about getting divorce but because my job performance.

Can you get government job after bankruptcy?

Maybe.It also depends on a lot of other factors, but if you would have been able to get that same job before you'd filed for bankruptcy and there would not have been any other factors preventing you from getting the job, then you should be able to...also depending on the reason bankruptcy was filed in the first place. All those factors are taken into consideration.