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Most auto parts retailers will give you that information when you buy the plugs.

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What is the serpentine belt route for a 2001 Impala?

Look in your owners manual if you have it or the routing decal should be under the hood of the car.

Since I don't have an owners manual what is the recommended tire pressure for a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu?

The tire pressure is on a decal on the drivers door post.

How you check tire size?

It's on the sidewall of your tires in metric (ex:225/75/15) or recommended is in your owners manual and usually a decal on a doorjamb, etc.

What would the stock 14 tire specs be for a 1972 satellite 6-cylinder?

This is listed in your owners manual. It is also listed on the drivers door post. If you have no owners manual and the decal is missing off the drivers door post the stock size I have found to be is E78-14 according to all the web sites I know of with this information.

You are trying to find a diagram of the fuse box panel for a 1994 deville The decal on ours is smeared in some places This would be the trunk fuse box?

I didnt know that I was trying to find one of those, but if I were, I would look in the owners manual or ask the dealer to print you a copy from their servicce manual.

What transmission is in my 83 Chevy truck?

You did not say if it is manual or automatic. In the glove box is a decal that tells everything on your truck. You can call the dealership and he can decode it for you. The decal is referred to as a build sheet.

What is the spark plug gap for a 88 ford ranger?

The spark plug gap for the 2.3 litre 88 ranger is .035. This information can be found on the decal inside the engine compartment.

What is the plug gap setting for 1997 Ford Ranger 2.3L?

.044 inch ( according to ) but check your engine compartment decal

What is the timing on a 1985 ford ranger with a 2.8 engine?

10 degrees BTDC - unless engine compartment decal shows different

What is the correct timing for a 1991 ford ranger 2.9?

10 degrees BTDC ( unless engine compartment decal shows different )

Is there a diagram for how to replace the engine belts on a '98 Riviera?

There should be a schematic on the fan shroud for the serpentine belt I don't know about a '98 Riviera but I have a 1996 Riviera & it's in my original owners manual. Athough I do not have a engine belt diagram on the fan shroud, I do have a decal for the enviormental control system. ANSWER: There is a schematic in the owner's manual of the '98 Riviera.

What kind of oil does 2004 Ford Ranger use?

There should be a decal under the hood with the specified oil for your vehicle. My 2000 Ranger recommends ASE 5 W 30. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The owners manual shows :( 2004 Ford Ranger ) for the 2.3 L and 3.0 L - Motorcraft SAE 5 W 20 Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil ( U.S.) and Motorcraft SAE 5 W 20 Super Premium Motor Oil (in Canada) * ( the use of synthetic blend is NOT MANDATORY - you can if you wish ) * for the 4.0 L - Motorcraft SAE 5 W 30 Super Premium Motor Oil

What degrees does the timing need to be on a 85 ford ranger with a 2.8L V6?

10 degrees BTDC ( unless engine decal shows different )

How to install a fan belt on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

From Haynes Repair Manual for Ford Ranger Pickups 1993 - 2005: "The belt's pathway is illustrated on a decal on the radiator support. Tension is set by an automatic tensioner and manual adjustment is not required. Rotate the tensioner clockwise or counter-clockwise (2.3, 2.5 and 4.0 are counter clockwise, 3.0 is clockwise) to loosen the tension and hold the tensioner in the released position. Install the belt and make sure it is routed correctly. Release the tensioner". Good luck.

What is the firing order on a 1996 ranger with a 2.3?

Check your VECI ( vehicle emission control information ) decal in your engine compartment , it should be somewhere in front of the radiator

Is skateboard wax also called decal?

no a decal is a picture.

What spark plugs for 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0 liter?

On a 2002 Ford Ranger : Check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information ( VECI ) decal in the front of your engine compartment . It will show the type of spark plugs used and the spark plug gap

Where can you obtain a diagram of the serpentine belt routing on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

Belt routing is on a decal in the engine compartment. Some are also in the owner's manual.

Where could you find the vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer with a 305?

there should be one on a decal under the hood. otherwise look in the apropriate copy of "motor manual" or "chilton's" or a factory manual

Where can you find a manual for a Mastercraft model 137H451F515 riding mower?

There is a problem with your model number. It should end in 054 or 055 to have the Mastercraft decal. MTD has a manual archive; see link. Use a 1 for the serial number.

Car Decals?

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89 Isuzu trooper vacuum diagram?

The vacuum diagram is located on a decal on the under side of the hood towards the front of the car. If it is missing you will have to buy a manual.

What spark plug for 1999 ranger 6-cylinder 3.0 engine?

On a 1999 Ford Ranger : Check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information ( VECI ) decal in the front of the engine compartment , it will show what type of spark plugs to use , and the spark plug gap

What the timing set at on a 1991 ford ranger 2.9 liter?

www . motorcraft . com ( no spaces ) shows : 10 degrees BTDC ( unless the engine compartment decal shows different )